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Video: Monetary Policy since the Crisis

On May 30, I did a “webinar” with INET’s Young Scholar’s Intiative. The subject was central banking since the financial crisis of a decade ago, and how it forces us to rethink some long-held ideas about money and the real economy — the dstinction between a demand-determined short run and a supply-determined long run; the neutrality of money in the long run; the absence of tradeoffs between unemployment, inflation and other macroeconomic goals; the reduction of monetary policy choices to...

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Getting Long Rami Malek

Going long 100 contracts of Rami Malek to bring home the Oscar for best actor on Sunday night for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody.   Simply some of the best acting you will ever see. Here is the fundamental and technical picture:

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More, please!

We all need to get ourselves back to the Garden this place…  The kindness and innocence of a little child. Teach your children to love animals, and not to hurt them. #BeThatPerson 🐷🐃🐶🦁🐒🐘🐤🐼🐳🐠🦆🐝🐫🐻🐺#FosterCompassion Not to hurt them hunt them eat them use them for entertainment use them for experiments pit them in zoos or take away their babies. Teach your kids all of it. — Angie Karan Ⓥ 🌱🐾 (@angie_karan) January 18, 2019...

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Forget NFP. Fed Powell Crushes USD and Cements AUD & CAD Bottoms

Forget NFP. Fed Powell Crushes Dollar and Cements AUD & CAD Bottoms Daily FX Market Roundup Jan 4, 2019 After a week like the one we’ve had, everyone is wondering if 2019 will be a year where 500+ point daily moves in the Dow and 100 pip rollercoaster rides in currencies become the norm. Although the moves in FX don’t seem significant, on an intraday basis the swings have been wild. The year started with a warning that slower Chinese demand took a big bite out of sales in the fourth...

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New Year’s Day

Here’s a nifty tune to start 2019.  St. Bono looks like a baby… Although it is one of U2’s most well-known tunes, many fans don’t realize that the song’s lyrics are actually about the Polish Solidarity movement. – IrishCentral

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