Wednesday , May 18 2022
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The New World Order And Global Capital Flows

#CKStrong GMM will be going dark for a few weeks. Watch This Space We are waiting anxiously for Monday’s U.S. Treasury release of the TIC data, particularly the major foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities. We are closely monitoring the foreign official flows into/out of the U.S. Treasury market.  March will be the first data point after Western nations sanctioned the Russian Central Bank at the end of February.  Foreign Central banks, which are not price or market-sensitive...

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Now For Some Good News

#CKStrong The U.S. budget deficit (12-month trailing) has fallen from almost 20 percent of GDP in Q1 2021 — most of which was indirectly financed by the Fed and an increase in Treasury bill issuance — to our estimate of 4.91 percent for April. That’s an incredible fiscal adjustment – albeit from an extraordinary level — and explains much of the growth slowdown.  During my emerging market days, the first impression of seeing such a massive budget adjustment was that a dramatic fall...

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Tech Revenues In Context

#CKStrong Apple’s air pod revenues alone generated $23.05 billion in revenue during their 2020 financial year – this is more revenue than Twitter, Spotify and Square combined. It gives Netflix’s entire business a run for its money as well – coming in less than 10% shy of their total revenue. According to the financial markets as of today, Netflix is worth somewhere in the region of $260 billion which would indicate that based on revenue alone, Apple’s AirPod business is worth...

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