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Policy Pause(s), Canada Looks To Be First

The first central banker to blink wasn’t Jay Powell it was Stephen Poloz. The Bank of Canada has been steadily raising its policy rate like the Fed, or had been. It was widely expected that Canada’s central bank would skip this last meeting but there was no doubt about another 25 bps increase next month. Instead, things are a little more unsettled than anticipated up north. BoC in its latest statement today no longer describes the Canadian economy as “strong”, a curious omission given how the...

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‘Mispriced’ Bonds Are Everywhere

The US yield curve isn’t the only one on the precipice. There are any number of them that are getting attention for all the wrong reasons. At least those rationalizations provided by mainstream Economists and the central bankers they parrot. As noted yesterday, the UST 2s10s is now the most requested data out of FRED. It’s not just that the UST curve is askew, it’s more important given how many of them are. Look to our neighbors to the north. The Canadian curve is slightly ahead of the UST...

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Bank of Canada Governor Is Right To Be Worried About The Economy

  Bank of Canada Governor Is Right To Be Worried About The Economy Written by Peter Diekmeyer, Sprott Money News       Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz cited numerous worries plaguing the economy during his speech to Toronto’s financial elites yesterday at the prestigious Canadian Club. However, the title of Poloz’s presentation, “Three things keeping me awake at night” seemed odd, given positive...

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Why The Bank Of Canada Should “Cease And Desist”

Authored by Caleb McMillan via Mises Canada, "Beneath the symbol We’ll all assemble Oh how we’ll fly Oh how we’ll tremble”   — Captain Beefheart, “Ice Cream for Crow” If interest rates are the symbol beneath which we all assemble, then there are some bad times ahead. But Canada’s “leading economists,” say interest rates are “too blunt a tool” to cool the housing market. This week, Governor Stephen Poloz as...

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Bernier’s radical bid to stabilize consumer prices (and make the CAD good as gold)

Submitted by Sprott Money News Original available: HERE Conservatives are rarely regarded as champions of the little guy. However last month, leadership candidate Maxime Bernier made a radical proposal to cut inflation, which would provide enormous relief to ordinary Canadians. "Inflation is like a tax," said Bernier, who cites Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek and the Austrian School as his key economic influences. "(It) eats away at our purchasing power, revenues and savings." Inflation...

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