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Why 2014? Less (Big) Banks, Fewer ‘Dollars’, No Growth

One of the biggest reasons why I always find the regulations explanation(s) so lacking is because of what is the biggest part of the scientific process. The excuses for problems in global liquidity and the dollar-based banking system in general have run the gamut of regulatory exercises. Who can forget, for one example, 2a7? That was 2016’s preferred explanation for a range of imbalances and “anomalies” that showed up at seemingly the most inopportune time. Always “unexpectedly.” The...

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Commitment of Traders: Crude Confounding Confusion

The price of oil can’t seem to climb out of the $40’s despite a lot going for it at the moment. Oil prices matter right now as much as three years ago when they signaled serious trouble ahead. For them to get above $50 and then continue on would indicate for a lot of important places what everyone has expected of “reflation.” That would be true for inflation rates as well as other pessimistic prices like eurodollar futures and UST yields. Crude oil isn’t strictly a perception to be traded....

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The allure of steel

There’s something about steel. Before I joined Steel Business Briefing in 2008, I’d never really known what I wanted to do career-wise. I worked for some good companies, including competitors of Platts (which acquired SBB in 2011), but never really envisaged staying in the price reporting sector. Nothing against it, I was just young and finding my way, armed with humanities degrees that didn’t gear me up for much outside of education. But there’s something about steel. My colleagues Joe...

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