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13/11/20: The economy has two chronic illnesses (and neither are Covid)

My column for The Currency this week covers two key long-term themes in the global economy that pre-date the pandemic and will remain in place well into 2025: the twin secular stagnations hypotheses and the changing nature of the productivity. The link to the article is here; https://thecurrency.news/articles/28224/the-economy-has-two-chronic-illnesses-and-neither-are-covid/.  

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Investing During Periods of Uncertainty & Turmoil

By Carol K. In this post, I’m not going to talk politics or speculate on which Party wins or deserves to win the Presidency or control of Congress come January 2021. There are plenty of political pundits offering their take on the coming U.S. election, and if you’re like me, you’re exhausted by the non-stop negativity and political games.  The purpose of this piece is to instill a sense of calm and help self-directed investors survive what we at GMM anticipate will be an epic political...

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19/5/20: Hydroxychloroquine of Political Risks

That scary chart... One, is the President in the middle of a fragile, but long-yarned for recovery. Another is the President amidst a massive economic collapse, mis-managed public health crisis, presiding over a dysfunctional administration and full of outright nastiness to anyone he dislikes, including migrants, Democrats, professionals, media, non-supporters of his agenda, etc. And they are both within 3 percentage points of each other...

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5/2/18: Italy Smacks into VUCA Wall

VUCA wins. In Italy.Italian elections results are coming in and several key VUCA components are now clearly at play in Europe's third largest economy: https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2018/mar/05/italian-elections-2018-full-results-renzi-berlusconi. Now, what does this mean?Italian Parliament: 234 seats for M5S 122 seats for Lega 105 seats for PDs 96 seats for FIItalian Senate: 115 seats for M5S 55 seats for Lega 53 seats for FI 50 seats for PDM5S - the 'Five Star...

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Yeah, About This Boom

In October 2006, the Communist Party of China unveiled a landmark new policy aimed at easing social and societal unrest in the country. The Chinese leadership would strive for a “harmonious society”, reaching this goal no later than 2020. As one of the final works for 16th Party Congress convened in 2002, it would stand as the template for how the 17th Party Congress would attempt to rule. A year later, in October 2007, Communist Party leader Hu Jintao built further upon that foundation,...

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An Unexpected (And Rotten) Branch of the Maestro’s Legacy

The most significant part of China’s 19th Party Congress ended in the usual anticlimactic fashion. These events are for show, not debate. Like any good trial lawyer will tell you, you never ask a question in court that you don’t already know the answer to. For China’s Communists, that meant nominating Xi Jinping’s name to be written into the Communist constitution with the votes already tallied. Without any objection, the final approval was given for “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with...

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