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NFIB Survey Trips Economic Alarms

Last week, I wrote an article discussing the August employment report, which clearly showed a slowdown in employment activity and an overall deterioration the trend of the data. To wit: “While the recent employment report was slightly below expectations, the annual rate of growth is slowing at a faster pace. Therefore, by applying a 3-month average of the seasonally-adjusted employment report, we see the slowdown more clearly.” I want to follow that report up with analysis from the...

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S&P 500 Monthly Valuation & Analysis Review – 8-1-19

Real Investment Advice is powered by RIA Advisors, an investment advisory firm located in Houston, Texas with more than $800 million under management. As a team of certified and experienced professionals, we seek to provide our clients with educational services and the necessary information and tools to educate you in the field of finance, investing and economics. To this end, you can use the Real Investment Advice Platform to avail yourself of various video, audio and...

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Technically Speaking: The Drums Of Trade War – Part Deux

In June of 2018, as the initial rounds of the “Trade War” were heating up, I wrote: “Next week, the Trump Administration will announce $50 billion in ‘tariffs’ on Chinese products. The trade war remains a risk to the markets in the short-term.” Of course, 2018 turned out to be a volatile year for investors which ended in the sell-off into Christmas Eve. As we have been writing for the last couple of weeks, the risks to the market have risen markedly as we head into the summer months. “It is a...

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Technically Speaking: “‘Trade War’ In May & Go Away.”

Over the weekend, President Trump decided to reignite the “trade war” with China with two incendiary tweets. Via WSJ: “In a pair of Twitter messages Sunday, Mr. Trump wrote he planned to raise levies on $200 billion in Chinese imports to 25% starting Friday, from 10% currently. He also wrote he would impose 25% tariffs ‘shortly’ on $325 billion in Chinese goods that haven’t yet been taxed. ‘The Trade Deal with China continues, but too slowly, as they attempt to renegotiate,’ the president...

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Fundamentally Speaking: Earnings Growth Much Weaker Than Advertised

With analysts once again hoping for a surge in earnings in the months ahead, along with an economic revival, it is worth noting this has always been the case. Currently, there are few, if any, Wall Street analysts expecting a recession currently, and many are certain of a forthcoming economic growth cycle. Yet, at this time, there are few catalysts supportive of such a resurgence. The Fed isn’t hiking rates, but they aren’t reducing them either. The Fed isn’t reducing their balance sheet...

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