Sunday , November 29 2020
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The Gospel of Capitalism is the Biggest Turkey of All

Yves here. This post describes Eugene McCarraher’s contention that modern capitalism has assumed many of the features of religion. And it’s not hard to find plenty of corroboration, one being the sense of moral outrage about defaulting on debt…..which goes back well before the industrial era. For instance, consider Michael Hudson’s work on debt jubilees and his view that Christ’s real offense was taking on money-lenders and advocating for debt forgiveness. But McCarraher focuses on the role...

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Saudi Aramco’s Landmark IPO Is Costing The Kingdom Billions

Yves here. Covid has pushed coverage of the Middle East down in the news reporting, and so we’re doing a bit of compensating today. Readers may recall that in 2016, Saudi Crown Price Mohammed bin Salman announced a grand, and some might call it grandiose, plan to greatly reduce the kingdom’s dependence on oil and turn it into an investment powerhouse by 2030. Why Saudi Arabia should be able to do better than established sovereign wealth funds was not explained. The fact that the Saudi Aramco...

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To Save the Economy, Biden Must First Save Lives

Yves here. Thomas Neuburger has taken up the INET post we featured over the weekend on their recommended approach to tacking the Covid crisis, which includes lockdowns and extensive testing, accompanied by income support and subsidies. This is consistent with an observation that we made early on: the virus is in charge. Focusing on the economy rather than the disease was bound to fail. The sometimes energetic discussion in comments included objections to the authors’ claims that strict...

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Yemen: More Damage To World Peace And Security Due To Trump Wrecking Everything As He Exits

Yves here. The headline is a bit heated, particularly in light of Biden naming uber-hawk Tony Blinken as Secretary of State in waiting. Nevertheless, Barkley Rosser is correct to call out Trump’s bizarrely punitive departing act of designating a Yemen operation controlling a big chunk of the country as terrorists. And a reason for featuring this post, including its mention of Rachel Maddow, is to demonstrate that Goodthinking Liberals who are actually paying attention to the Middle East...

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What Connects Grenfell Tower, Dams on the Mekong, and a Shortage of Glass Vials for Covid Vaccines? Sand!

By Lambert Strether of CorrenteReaders, I have purchased Obama’s latest autobiography, along with the complimentary handtruck needed to take it home, and now I’m going to have to pull on my yellow waders and read it, as much as I can stand. So that post is coming, but that post is not this post, so despite my proffered tempation, please don’t hijack the comments section to talk about [genuflects] Obama. You can do that in Links or Water Cooler. The topic of this post is sand. And what a...

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