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Some Brief European Leftovers

Some further odds and ends of European data. Beginning with Continent-wide Industrial Production. Germany is leading the system lower, but it’s not all just Germany. And though manufacturing and trade are thought of as secondary issues in today’s services economies, the GDP estimates appear to confirm trade in goods as still an important condition and setting for all the rest. The weakness is persisting and intensifying – particularly after May 2019. Before that, IP was first rocked in July...

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Europe Promises More ‘Stimulus’ Seven Years After Draghi’s Promise For ‘Stimulus’

It is ironic that the setting for his speech was London. The UK, of course, never gave up the pound in favor of adopting the euro. Still, as the years drag on the biggest menace to Europe’s common currency isn’t a profligate Greek government nor the unfavorable productivity of Club Med. The euro may not disappear all at once, but it is in danger of withering. In the land of future Brexit, Mario Draghi promised in the hot summer of 2012 to do whatever it took to save his currency. Had he...

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As Europe Keeps Falling, The Implications For Europe And Everyone Else

In late March, as global pessimism was renewed in the world’s bond markets, ECB President Mario Draghi appeared as he always does to urge optimism. Yes, Europe’s economy in particular didn’t finish 2018 as he had been expecting. But a soft patch, Draghi said, wouldn’t necessarily “foreshadow [a] serious slump.” The question on the minds of bond investors is, how would he know? That’s ultimately the problem with botching globally synchronized growth. And he has no one else to blame. In hyping...

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The Basis Behind The Forming ECB ‘Pause’

These things are all related, not that they are in any way connected by conventional thoughts on the subject of the global economy. Two European officials are now on record hinting at an ECB “pause.” There is one already underway in the US, Federal Reserve officials past and present debating how long it might last while markets price probabilities for the first cut. The situation in Europe is a little different in that pausing means failing to start. In that way, it would be more like the...

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1/12/17: Eonia’s strange vaulting

What concentration risk and liquidity risk can do to you when both combine? Eonia (Euro OverNight Index Average) is the 1-day interbank interest rate for the Euro zone. In other words, it is the rate at which banks provide loans to each other with a duration of 1 day (so Eonia can be considered as the 1 day Euribor rate). In other words, it is a measure of short-term liquidity.  Eonia is an average of actual rates charged, so it is, in theory, a reflection of the market demand for short...

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Ultra-Loose Terminology, Not Policy

As world “leaders” gathered in Davos in January 2016, they did so among financial turmoil that was creating more economic havoc than at any time since the Great “Recession.” Having seen especially US QE as the equivalent of money printing, their focus was drawn elsewhere to at least attempt an explanation for the contradiction. They initially settled on the Fed’s rate hike, where terminating “ultra-loose” policies was for them creating the explosive conditions. The end of ultra-loose monetary...

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