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Coronavirus dashboard for November 30

- by New Deal democratTotal US confirmed infections: 13,383,320*Average US infections last 7 days: 162,365 (vs. latest low of 34,354 on Sept 12)Total US deaths: 266,873Average US deaths last 7 days: 1,430 (vs. latest low of 701 on Oct 16)*I suspect the real number is 18-19,000,000, or between 5 to 6% of the total US populationSource: COVID Tracking ProjectInfections are out of control over much, if not most, of the country. North and South Dakota, the 2 worst States, now have had confirmed infections in over 10% and over 9% of their entire populations (and probably much worse than that since many asymptomatic cases go undetected):While the earliest hard hit States, NY and NJ, still have had the highest death tolls, 8 more States have suffered fatalities in excess of 1 in 1000 of their

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