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Coronavirus dashboard for October 27: The EU is now worse than the US

- by New Deal democratTotal US confirmed infections: 8,777,432*Average US infections last 7 days: 71,833 (new record high)Total US deaths: 226,695Average US deaths last 7 days: 806 (vs. recent low of 689 11 days ago)*I suspect the real number is about 15,000,000, or 4.5% of the total US populationSource: COVID Tracking ProjectThe pandemic is once again raging out of control in parts of the country, and it is likely to be far worse over the winter months. Let’s start today by comparing the US with the EU countries plus Canada.While in Canada the virus is still under control, on average, the EU is seeing nearly twice as many daily infections per capita as the United States:The EU is at parity with the US now in terms of deaths, and that can be expected to rise further as well:Here are new

[email protected] (New Deal democrat) considers the following as important:

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