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The Curious Cat covers economics and investing. Their goal to help regular readers become knowledgeable about the economy, investing and economics. In keeping with this aim, their superb content is written for a wide audience.

Tucows: Building 3 Businesses With Strong Positive Cash Flow

This post is an exploration of a specific stock Tucows (TCX). Tucows, based in Canada, has built from their domain registration business into a company with 3 businesses poised for predictable cash flow generation. In 2012 Tucows added Ting Mobile, a business that resells access to cell phone networks (Sprint, for CDMA, and T-mobile for GSM phones).  This is not a flashy business but is a reliable cash flow generator. In 2015 they added Ting Fiber, which builds fiber networks for...

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The 20 Most Valuable Companies in the World – Jan 2019

This post lists the 20 publicly traded companies with the largest market capitalization as of today. Since my November 2017 list of the 20 most valuable stocks the value of 2 companies increased by more than $150 billion and 4 companies value decreased by over $100 billion. In the 20 most valuable companies list there are 13 USA companies, 4 Chinese companies and 1 each for Korea, Netherlands and Switzerland. The remaining 15 companies with market caps above $200 billion are based...

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20 Most Popular Posts on the Curious Cat Investing and Economics Blog in 2018

[unable to retrieve full-text content]The most popular posts on the Curious Cat Investing and Economics blog in 2018 (based on page views). Default Rates on Loans by Credit Score (2015) Stock Market Capitalization by Country from 2000 to 2016 (2017) Stock Market Capitalization by Country from 1990 to 2010 (2012) The 20 Most Valuable Companies in the World – […]

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An Inverted Yield Curve Predicts Recessions in the USA

When 2 year US government bonds yield more than the 10 year US government bonds a recession is likely to appear soon. This chart shows why this is seen as such a reliable predictor. The chart shows the 10 year yield minus the 2 year yield. So when the value falls below 0 that means the 2 year yield is higher. Each time that happened, since 1988, a recession has followed (the grey shaded areas in the chart). Do note that there were very small inversions in 1998 and 2006 that...

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Real Estate Investing: Amazon’s Regional Office in Arlington, Virginia

Amazon announced they are opening major new offices in Arlington, Virginia and New York City. Each site will hold 25,000 new Amazon employees at an average salary above $150,000. Getting to that level with take many years, next year under 1,000 employees will be at each site. I lived in Arlington for many years and own rental property there. The Amazon decision is likely to catalyze a much more rapid ascent of the technology sector in the DC area. The DC area has a strong...

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China’s Investments in Africa

The stories you most frequently hear about China in Africa are Resource extraction (oil, metals, etc.) Infrastructure loans from China (with Chinese labor and Chinese companies doing the work) (often to aid resource extraction) Farming exports to China While those are happening an excellent report from McKinsey (Dance of the Lions and Dragons) provides an in depth look at a much more entrepreneurial state of affairs. While There are big government backed efforts (including those...

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10 Stocks for 10 Years (2018 version)

I created a 10 stocks for 10 years portfolio in April of 2005 which I shared on this blog. It did very well. Over the years I adjusted the portfolio occasionally. Unfortunately the website I used to track results stopped doing that (and it is much more difficult to track results – with dividends, stock splits, spinoff… than you might suppose). I estimate I beat the S&P 500 by maybe 300 basis points annually (for the portfolio with slight adjustment over time, which is the one...

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Improvements to Credit Collection Requirements Have Had an Positive Impact

Abuse of the credit system by 3rd party collection agencies (and credit reporting agencies) in the USA has been a long term problem. An attempt to partially address some of the abuses was a change in the required reporting practices that impacted collections accounts specifically, known as the National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP), which rolled into effect during the second half of 2017. The plan has many components, including: (1) a requirement for more frequent, detailed, and...

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Factfulness – An Extremely Valuable Book

Factfulness by Hans Roling (of TED talks and Gapminder charts fame) is an exceptionally good book. It provides great insight into how to think more effectively and how to understand the reality of the world we live in (versus the large distortions so common in most people’s vision of the world). You can take a quick quiz to see how well you understand the world today. Today the people living in rich countries around the North Atlantic, who represent 11 percent of the world...

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