Saturday , July 24 2021
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Harley Davidson LED Signal Light kit for my Fat Boy 114

Harley brand LED front turn signal kit in Amber with Clear lens covers. This is not the standard plug and play light set that you see online or a all in 1-piece that easily snaps in! The wiring was difficult to deal with due to the fact the leftover wire inside the signal light was short but I managed using butt splice connectors and not with the ones supplied with the kit. When the red led lights show up, I will so the full box set with all the various parts.

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A Brief History of Health Insurance with Dean Baker

Inspired by a tweet (I probably spend too much time on Twitter), I wanted to understand why health insurance doesn't extend to our eyes and teeth, why the US doesn't have a more robust public health system (thanks racism), how healthcare and drugs got to be so expensive (thanks Bob Dole), and what healthcare looks like in a "post-COVID" world. The tweet: <br> Connect with Dean Baker on the internet:...

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Why Biden Should Reappoint Powell as Fed Chair Quickly (w/ Dean Baker)

Dean makes the case for why Biden should act quickly: "In terms of announcing his reappointment soon, Biden should want to do what he can to remove uncertainty and shore up Powell’s position in coming months. We know that the Republicans will do everything in their power to stir up fears of runaway inflation and to undermine the Fed’s authority. If Biden can give him a clear endorsement now, it would help Powell’s effort to keep the focus on full employment."...

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