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Injecting hydrogen in natural gas grids could provide steady demand the sector needs to develop

May 19, 2020

Governments and utilities worldwide are looking to low- and zero-carbon hydrogen injection into the natural gas grid to displace fossil fuel consumption and reduce emissions.
S&P Global Platts Analytics’ Scenario Planning Service took an in-depth look into this topic in an April special report, Hydrogen injection into California gas grid: a strategy to solidify demand to drive supply.

Hydrogen has a much lower energy density than natural gas on a volumetric basis. For this reason, end-users of a blended gas would require a higher volume of gas to achieve the same number of British Thermal Units versus end-users consuming pure natural gas. Hence, a 5% blending of hydrogen by volume does not directly translate into a 5% displacement of fossil fuel consumption.
As hydrogen blending

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Hydrogen transport: moving molecules a core challenge for H2 market growth

January 21, 2020

Pure hydrogen (H2) is increasingly seen as a tool for decarbonization in a wide range of industries. But in order to break into the mainstream, the fuel will need reliable methods to transport it.
While current demand for H2 is limited primarily to oil refining and chemical production – mainly ammonia and methanol – there is growing consensus that H2 could serve as a key decarbonization approach in an array of commercial, power generation, transport and industrial applications.

Reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective transportation of H2 to where it is needed is a prerequisite to the competitiveness and uptake of H2, as centralized production is likely to dominate supply in the near to medium term.
S&P Global Platts Analytics’ recent report Pumping Protons: The Landscape of Transporting

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Alternative tech could dent diesel demand in US road freight sector

September 18, 2019

Semi trucks are the workhorse of modern road freight. These large, two or three axel on-road trucks are used to haul freight trailers and, on average, each one travels over five times the distance of a typical US driver annually – at one-fifth the miles per gallon efficiency.
In 2018, US semi trucks demanded over 2 million b/d in petroleum products – primarily diesel. S&P Global Platts Analytics anticipates this energy need will grow through 2040 on the back of growing population and per capita GDP. Diesel semis have the potential for large efficiency improvements via integration of already mature technologies in aerodynamics, combustion control, and road load control.

However, in a recent Platts Analytics report, Semi Trucks and US Diesel Demand; Are Alternative Fuels in the Mirror

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