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Yahia Barakah has always had a passion for writing that preceded his interest in financial markets. However, financial markets provided him the enthusiasm that sustained his passion for writing. When he is not making sense of data and charts, he enjoys freediving in the Blue Hole of his current home, Dahab.

Articles by Yahia Barakah

Bitcoin Crashes to Lowest Level in Three Months on Intense International Crackdown

February 6, 2018

The price of a single Bitcoin has lost about 60% its highest value, which was reached in December 2017, as global efforts to regulate or ban the digital currency weighed down on it. Bitcoin fell sharply to break below the $6,000 mark for a brief moment on Tuesday, before cutting some of its losses.

News emerged on Monday that authorities in China will widen their crackdown on cryptocurrency trading by restricting access to websites that offer trading services. Chinese regulators already have a ban in place on domestic cryptocurrency exchanges since last year. However, the new decision extends the ban to include foreign and overseas exchanges and trading platforms that facilitate trading.
Authorities will make use of the Great Firewall of China, which allows the Chinese government to have

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Bitcoin Partly Recovers Even As Worries Persist Between Investors

January 24, 2018

Bitcoin price climbed on Wednesday to erase losses that the cryptocurrency had earlier this week in the wake of new regulations in South Korea that limited traders’ access to trading accounts. The digital currency has been struggling to maintain an upward momentum against a stream of overvaluation warnings from policymakers and analysts.

Bitcoin moved below the $10,000 mark earlier this week for the second time in a row in the last 14 days. The losses came as South Korea began a crackdown on cryptocurrency trading by restricting traders’ ability to deposit funds into their trading accounts from anonymous bank accounts.
Starting January 30, traders will be required to reveal their real identities to be able to exchange Bitcoin and other virtual currencies on South Korean exchanges.

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Bitcoin Nearly Breaks Below the $10,000 Mark on Escalating Concerns of Regulations

January 17, 2018

The price of Bitcoin plunged to the lowest level since early December 2017 on Wednesday, as a result of growing fears that a number of countries may crack down on cryptocurrencies in the near future. The sharp losses were not limited to Bitcoin as other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Ripple, also declined to their worst levels in multiple weeks.

Governments around the world appear increasingly concerned about the massive rapid gains of cryptocurrencies in recent months, which may have been the result of excessive speculative behaviors. The lack of any concrete underlying support for the meteoric rise of digital assets like Bitcoin is an alarming signal of an overvaluation bubble that could eventually end badly for many traders.
Another main concern that policymakers have relates

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Bitcoin Gains More Than $1,000 as Facebook CEO Studies Its Possible Usage

January 5, 2018

The price of a single Bitcoin token gained more than $1,000 on Friday following a statement from Facebook Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg said that the technology powering the digital currency may be used to help improve Facebook in the future.

The statement was a part of an ambitious post that Zuckerberg placed on his website. In the post, Zuckerberg said that he recognizes the internet’s centralization problem, which is placing more and more control in the hands of a few companies that include Facebook itself. This centralized power goes against his vision of a decentralized web that allows for a perfect distribution of power, he said.
As part of his commitment to fix Facebook, Zuckerberg plans to make use of encryption and cryptocurrency technology to counter the trend

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Bitcoin Recovers to $15,000 Following Last Week Crash

December 26, 2017

The price of Bitcoin rose to more than $15,000 on Tuesday, following a brutal crash last week that erased about 40% of the virtual currency’s all-time high. The digital currency is still about $4,600 below its highest level in history, which it reached on December 17.

Bitcoin had partly recovered from last week’s losses to a little more than $15,700 on Saturday, before going through a milder decline over the past two days. The digital currency is now set to end the current year with more than fifteen-fold gains after starting the year below $1,000.
However, the recent display of Bitcoin’s volatility left investors very wary of the digital asset, which added to the effect of thin trading due to the holiday season. Many analysts are now concerned that speculative trading is taking over

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Bitcoin Crashes, Loses About $8,000 in One Week

December 22, 2017

The price of Bitcoin moved lower on Friday in a rapid crash that saw many investors unload their tokens of the virtual currency in fear of further losses over the weekend. The value of Bitcoin has dropped about $8,000 this week, which is more than 40% of the digital currency’s all-time high that was posted on Sunday.

The massive plunge today is the latest outcome of a selloff that persisted for the past three days. Traders’ growing concerns of an overvaluation bubble have fed the decline with an increasing momentum. Other digital assets were not isolated from the drop, as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin fell over the past 24 hours as well.
Bitcoin reached more than $19,600 last Sunday, a whooping gain from a little below $1,000 when 2017 started. However, the virtual currency is well

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Bitcoin Falls to Lowest Level in Seven Days on Concerns of Overvaluations

December 20, 2017

The price of Bitcoin decreased on Wednesday to continue a streak of losses that began after the digital currency reached an all-time high near $20,000 on Sunday. Growing concerns that the digital asset could be overvalued were the main reason behind Bitcoin’s recent decline.

Bitcoin was seen trading today at around $16,000, about 20% below its recent record high, before recovering to levels above $17,300. The digital currency has been on decline this week since CME Group Inc., which represents one of the largest exchanges in the world, launched a new Bitcoin futures product. The launch came about a week after rival firm Cboe Global Markets launched its own bitcoin futures, which was the first in the world.
Introducing Bitcoin futures improves the ease of accessing the digital currency

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Bitcoin Recovers to $16,500 Following Three Days of Volatile Trading

December 11, 2017

The Bitcoin price surged on Monday to recover most of the losses it had over the weekend, even as analysts continued to warn of a possible upcoming crash that might erase much of the recent gains. Today’s gain came as Bitcoin futures became available for the first time in the United States, as derivatives exchange Cboe launched its newest financial product.

The price of Bitcoin saw an increase of nearly 20% today, which erased a large portion of a decline that brought the price from $16,640.0 on Friday down to $12,825.0 yesterday. Today’s gain defied expectations of a price crash and put the market capitalization of Bitcoin back above $280 billion.
One exchange was widely viewed as the reason behind the gain. Cboe, one of the world’s largest future exchanges, has officially launched

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Bitcoin Surges for Second Day in Row, Nearly Touches $15,000

December 7, 2017

Bitcoin continued surging for the second day in a row on Thursday to break through yet another psychologically important level with ease. The digital currency is now rapidly approaching the $15,000 mark as inventors’ demand soared ahead of the official launch of Bitcoin futures from multiple exchanges in the United States.

The price of Bitcoin started Wednesday below $12,000 before going through a major rally that pushed the price all the way to about $14,700 today. The spree of gains, which is baffling experts who believe the valuation of Bitcoin has formed a bubble that should have popped a while ago, appears to be driven by rising demand in South Korea. A recent buying frenzy in the Asian nation saw speculators stocking up on the digital currency ahead of the launch of Bitcoin futures

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Bitcoin Posts New Record High as It Approaches $13,000

December 6, 2017

The Bitcoin price returned to rapid gains on Wednesday to set a new all-time high, after displaying some reluctance to further gains since the beginning of the week. The digital currency broke the $10,000 level for the first time in history last week, before posting multiple other records with relative ease this week.

Bitcoin surged to more than $12,700 today after trading in a range between around $10,600 and $11,800 since December 2. Today’s gains came as traders speculated that the introduction of Bitcoin futures later this month will help investors have an easy access to the digital currency. These futures are also expected to increase Bitcoin’s credibility as a legitimate asset between mainstream investors.
CME Group Inc. confirmed that the launch date for Bitcoin futures on its

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Bitcoin Breaks Through $10,000 for First Time in History

November 29, 2017

The price of a single Bitcoin broke through the major $10,000 milestone on Wednesday to reach an all-time high of more than $10,900. The new record level followed a powerful run of gains over the past two days that effortlessly pushed the digital currency through the $9,000 level from a little over $8,000.
The value of Bitcoin has gained over 900% this year alone after ending 2016 at a little under $1,000. The massive gain grabbed the attention of investors who are willing to accept the risk associated with Bitcoin’s infamous volatility. These investors chose to ignore skepticism from financial experts towards the digital currency, including J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who called Bitcoin a fraud.
However, Dimon’s view was not shared by some other major names in the financial field.

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Bitcoin Remains Above $8,000 After Trading Within $400 Range

November 24, 2017

The price of Bitcoin continued its usual volatile movements on Friday, but managed to stay above $8,000 as demand for the cryptocurrency remained strong. A single Bitcoin moved in a wide range of about $400 today, while other alternative digital currencies rose to set new records.

Bitcoin has been on a wild ride in the past two weeks, with price movements that some days exceeded $500. The digital currency set a new record high at $8,354 last Tuesday, before dipping below $8,000 for a brief moment the following day.
The digital currency maintained a stable trading range yesterday before losing over $200 during early trading hours today. However, the drop did not last for long as the price surged to more than $8,300 a few hours later.
The gain appears to stem from growing confidence

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Bitcoin Gives up More Than $500 Before Recovering Most Its Losses

November 21, 2017

The price of Bitcoin dropped more than $500 before recovering most of its losses on Tuesday. The digital currency initially retreated below the psychologically important level of $8,000 only two days after breaking it for the first time. The drop was due to reports of a theft that affected an alternative cryptocurrency.

The firm behind a cryptocurrency called Tether said that $31 million was taken from the Tether Treasury wallet on November 19 in the wake of a hack. The stolen amount was sent to an unauthorized Bitcoin address, according to the announcement the company has published on its website yesterday.
The company’s development team is now attempting to prevent the stolen amount, which was in Tether tokens, from entering the wider trading economy. The team said that the tokens will

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Bitcoin Trades Sideways After Latest Price Storm Calms

November 14, 2017

The price of a single Bitcoin remained without much change on Tuesday, following a partial recovery from a massive drop that erased about $38 billion from the cryptocurrency’s market value. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash gave up some of the gains it made during the price crash of the original Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price steadily rose in recent weeks as investors in the cryptocurrency anticipated an upgrade that would improve the ease of transactions on the Bitcoin network. However, when the upgrade was canceled last week, the value of Bitcoin saw the most significant price correction since early September as investors rushed to buy other digital currencies.
Bitcoin Cash, which forked from the original Bitcoin network in August, had the biggest gains among Bitcoin’s rivals. Following these gains,

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Bitcoin Ends Decline After Losing Near Third of Record Value

November 13, 2017

The price of Bitcoin began to display signs of stability on Monday after a massive drop that erased 29%, or $38 billion, from Bitcoin’s total market value. The virtual currency began recovering today as traders worried that the quick and sharp decline may have been an excessive response to the cancellation of a long awaited technical upgrade.

Bitcoin was seen moving near $6,600 today after falling from $7,838 on Wednesday to $5,580 yesterday. The price crash happened as investors rushed to move their capital to other rival virtual currencies. One such rival is Bitcoin Cash, which split from the original Bitcoin back in August, has climbed about 19% since Friday.
The crash followed the cancellation of an upgrade that would have increased the size of each block on Bitcoin’s blockchain

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Bitcoin Price Sheds $300 as Investors Digest Chinese Crackdown

September 5, 2017

The price of Bitcoin continued falling on Tuesday to shed another $300, as investors worried about the effect of a recent Chinese crackdown on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin had skyrocketed to about $5,000 on Saturday, but the virtual currency crashed following the announcement of new regulations for initial coin offerings in China.

Chinese regulators said on Monday that a ban is placed on new projects that use Bitcoin and its alternatives to raise cash or virtual currencies. Authorities released a document that stated that initial coin offerings will now be viewed as fraudulent practices.
Initial coin offerings are commonly used in China as a fundraising tool, forming an industry that peaked at about $1.27 billion in 2017. Chinese startups often rely on initial coin offerings to raise funds

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Bitcoin Price Breaks Through $4,200 One Day After Reaching $4,000

August 14, 2017

The price of a single Bitcoin surged over the weekend to reach more than $4,200 on Monday. Demand for the digital currency continued growing despite a recent currency split that created a new alternative to Bitcoin named Bitcoin Cash.

The split, which is commonly referred to as hard fork, raised concerns between Bitcoin enthusiasts of a sharp drop in the value of the original virtual currency. The alternative currency provides users with an upgrade that allows a number of transactions larger than the original to be handled each minute.
However, the smooth split increased investors’ confidence in Bitcoin and its underlying technology as the majority of the Bitcoin community appeared to support the original currency.
Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash plummeted since more virtual currency miners

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Bitcoin Price Returns Below $2,600 on Renewed Fork Fears

July 25, 2017

The price of Bitcoin crashed on Tuesday to return below $2,600, after trading around $2,800 over the past few days. The price crash appears to stem from renewed concerns about a possible split in the Bitcoin network that would create two different and independent currencies.

On Friday, Bitcoin managed to avoid the split, which is commonly referred to as fork, after its network supported an upgrade to the virtual currency’s software. The software upgrade, which miners and traders call Improvement Proposal 91, enhances the network’s ability to process transactions amid a surge in transaction numbers in recent months.
The support from miners on the Bitcoin network exceeded the 80% threshold that was required for the activation of the upgrade, resulting in a surging buying demand

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Bitcoin Crashes for Second Time in One Month, Losing More Than $300

June 26, 2017

The price of Bitcoin tumbled on Monday to the lowest level in more than a week, following a sharp decline by another digital currency last week. Bitcoin’s decline over the weekend seem to have stemmed from a flash crash that Ethereum had on Wednesday, which reduced the value of the Bitcoin alternative cryptocurrency from about $296 to 10 cents in a matter of minutes.

Since its flash crash, Ethereum managed to recover to the level it was at ahead of the massive drop, which placed it back to more than 3,500% gain in 2017 so far. However, the rapid up and down movements undermined confidence in the Bitcoin rival, which returned to losses on Monday even as a major exchange announced credit for clients who lost funds due to the flash crash.
Meanwhile, Bitcoin had reached $2,789.0 on Wednesday,

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Bitcoin Poised to End Week off Weekly Highs Despite Expectations of Indian Adoption

June 23, 2017

The price of Bitcoin is set to end the week below the week’s highest level as investors in the virtual currency remained reluctant to place their funds into it in the wake of a recent $900 crash. Rumors of a possible adoption of Bitcoin in India resulted in little to no effect on the price of the digital currency today, but is expected to have a wider effect in the weeks to come.

After almost touching $3,000, the Bitcoin price crashed to $2,120 last week. The digital currency then quickly recovered to $2,789 by Wednesday, but volatility remained high as the price moved in a range of almost $150 over the past two days. This volatility prompted experts to reiterate warnings of the bubble behavior that Bitcoin has been displaying in recent months, which is attributed to a frenzy

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Bitcoin Price Recovers yet Ends Week Lower for First Time in 2 Months

June 17, 2017

The price of Bitcoin recovered on Friday following rapid losses yesterday, yet still posted a weekly decline as investors remained reluctant while they wait for the price of the digital currency to stabilize. Bitcoin reached its highest valuation in history this week before dropping to the lowest level in 3 weeks.

This week’s decline was the first for Bitcoin in more than two months. The drop sparked from increasing concerns about the virtual currency’s massive gains in 2017, which reached more than 200% from $997.75 when the year began to $2,979.7 last Monday. Nearing the psychologically important level of $3,000 prompted analysts to warn of an impending corrective movement that may erase a big chunk of Bitcoin’s surge over recent weeks.
Despite the lack of Bitcoin coverage from Goldman

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Bitcoin Price Crashes to Lowest Level Since May 2017

June 15, 2017

The price of Bitcoin saw a sharp decline on Thursday in a strong corrective move to gains that pushed the price of the digital currency to more than triple in 2017. Today’s decline added to the most negative week for Bitcoin since the beginning of 2015, as investors worried that the virtual currency may further plummet before finding a floor to stabilize at.

On Sunday, the digital currency was within less than $20 from the $3,000 level, which would have marked more than 200% gain since the price of a single Bitcoin was $997.75 on January 1. However upon nearing that level, anxiety about an impending crash began spreading between investors, notably after Goldman Sachs Group Inc. published a report that weighed on technology stocks this week.
The report stated that investors may feel

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Bitcoin Price Rise as Chinese Exchanges Allow Withdrawals

June 2, 2017

The price of Bitcoin rose on Friday as the virtual currency continued to gain more support from Asian demand. One of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in China allowed its clients to withdraw their funds in a move that ended a block that was imposed last February.

In an attempt to counteract the flight of capital from the country, the People’s Bank of China took a number of measures that included banning withdrawals from some of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in the country. However, on May 31, OKCoin resumed withdrawals to end the block that had caused the price of Bitcoin to lose about 10% following a rapid surge in the beginning of the current year.
OKCoin accounts for about 31% of all Bitcoin trades in China. The exchange was among 9 Bitcoin exchanges that were present in a meeting with

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Bitcoin Loses More Than $300 on Strong Volatility, Remains Above $2,000

May 26, 2017

The price of Bitcoin had a volatile day on Friday, a single day after the digital currency reached a new record high on Thursday before shedding more than $500 hours later. Bitcoin traded on Friday at about $300 lower than its record on Thursday, but maintained most of the rapid gains it achieved in recent weeks.

Bitcoin surged more than 100% in May due to strong demand for the digital currency in Asia. However, the huge gain forced Bitcoin’s volatility to go through the roof. These gains are increasingly looking like a massive bubble that could burst at any given moment, but investors continued to pour their funds into the virtual currency for fear of missing out on possible large profits.
Last Tuesday, the Bitcoin price received a powerful boost from an agreement that was made between

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Bitcoin Price Climbs Closer to $2,000 Mark on Rising Demand in Japan and Korea

May 19, 2017

The price of Bitcoin moved past $1,900 on Friday for the first time in the digital currency’s history, as demand from Japan and Korea continued to drive the market higher. Rising political uncertainty around the globe also added to the Bitcoin rally, as investors were tempted by growing geopolitical instabilities to store the value of their funds in the rapidly soaring virtual currency.

Investments from Japan have been pouring into Bitcoin since the nation recognized the digital currency as a legal payment method on April 1. The decision, which was the outcome of months of debate, opened the window for Japan to rise in position as one of the main global trade hubs of Bitcoin.
Japan had previously witnessed the collapse of Mt. Gox, which was the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange in 2013.

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Bitcoin Price Returns Below $1,800 One Day After Almost Touching $2,000

May 12, 2017

The price of Bitcoin had a wild week as it surged to less than $20 range from the $2,000 milestone, before giving up some of its gains on Friday to return below $1,800. A number of factors contributed to the rapid rise of the virtual currency this week, including wider international legal recognition and successful activation of Segregated Witness on Litecoin, one of Bitcoin’s alternatives.

Australia joined the list of countries that legally recognize Bitcoin as money following a major announcement on May 11 that also said that the virtual currency will be exempted from taxes. The decision effectively allows businesses operating in Bitcoin to avoid paying double taxes for their activities and Bitcoin funds, which establishes a fair ecosystem for these businesses.
The decision will come

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Bitcoin Soars Above $1,500 on Higher Optimism Between Investors

May 5, 2017

Prices of Bitcoin stabilized above $1,500 on Friday following rapid gains since the beginning of the week. The virtual currency soared as its investors became more optimistic about its global integration and circulation in the near future.

Bitcoin prices increased about 25% over the past two weeks, which sent the digital currency more than 300% higher since the beginning of 2016, when a single Bitcoin traded for nearly $450. The recent rapid climb of Bitcoin prices came after investors took more interest in the virtual currency as demand rose following legislation of Bitcoin as a legal payment method in Japan. More than 10 Japanese firms plan to launch exchanges for Bitcoin after its legislation to accommodate for the rising demand, according to a report published on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, regulators in Russia and India hinted that efforts are being made that aim at possibly legalizing Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, which added to confidence in Bitcoin’s international adoption.
Prices of Bitcoin were stirred last week after the US Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it plans to revise a decision that was made on March 10, which rejected a proposal for a Bitcoin exchange traded fund. The exchange traded fund, which was proposed by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, would allow US investors and firms to have an easy and direct mean of investing in bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Price Surges Above $1,240 as Bitfinex Wire Transfer Problems Increase

April 21, 2017

Prices of Bitcoin surged on Friday, as exchanges of the virtual currency attempted to reduce the price gap with Bitfinex, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world. Bitfinex, which had its wire transfers in US dollars and other currencies blocked amid banking issues, is experiencing rapid price gains as traders try to cash out their Bitcoins on the exchange.

The story came to light when Bitfinex announced on April 13 that withdrawals in US dollars are experiencing delays, citing issues with financial channels the exchange used to use. This forced Bitfinex to look for alternative channels for US dollar withdrawals, while withdrawals involving other currencies were believed to be functional.
On April 17, Bitfinex said that its Taiwan banks are blocking wire deposits into the exchange. The issue continued to worsen following a third announcement yesterday, which stated that Bitfinex will be unable to process international withdrawals in Hong Kong dollars and Swiss francs, in addition to US dollars.
The exchange said that the troubles it is having with overseas transfers is due to changes forced by its correspondent banks. However, these changes did not appear to affect domestic withdrawals or deposits, or digital currency transfers.

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Bitcoin Price Sheds Weekly Gains, Returns Below $1,200

April 14, 2017

The price of Bitcoin gave up all of its weekly gains to trade below $1,200 on Friday as optimism toward new legislations in Japan wore off. The virtual currency’s investors became once again concerned about the scalability of the Bitcoin system amidst what appears to be a spam attack of transactions that left the blockchain network with over 55,000 unconfirmed transactions.

The price of Bitcoin gained as much as $50 during the current week, to touch a level last seen on March 16 following a move by Japan that allowed the use of the digital currency as a payment method. The news was soon followed by a report that stated that the Russian government is possibly looking into recognizing Bitcoin as a legal financial instrument in 2018.
Russian Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev said in an interview this week that the authorities hope that, by regulating the digital currency, the government will be able to stop its usage for money laundering.
However, attention switched to the underlying system of Bitcoin, as a massive number of transactions that are awaiting confirmation accumulated in the blockchain network. The incident, which has repeated multiple times in the history of Bitcoin, seems to be aimed at cutting the price of Bitcoin down by crippling its network.

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Bitcoin Price Maintains Recent Gains on Wider Recognition in Japan

April 8, 2017

The price of Bitcoin managed to lock in its recent gains on Friday, as Bitcoin enthusiasts became more optimistic about the future of the virtual currency. Japan took an additional step to increase the implementation of Bitcoin by recognizing the digital currency as a legal method of payment.

Last Friday, a law was passed by the Japanese government that allows the use of Bitcoin as a legal method of payment. Enthusiasts of the digital currency expect that the move will raise demand for Bitcoin as its usage becomes more common between businesses and individuals, which in turn will boost its price.
The new law will come into effect on April 1, and is expected by some traders to support the price of Bitcoin beyond its highest recorded level since its inception in 2009, which was set in March.
This comes after a stream of bad news that negatively impacted the virtual currency. Along with other factors, the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s rejections for two proposals of Bitcoin exchange traded funds had dragged the virtual currency down.
However, the latest news from Japan assured investors that Bitcoin is more welcomed in other parts of the world, which paved the way for the cryptocurrency to score weekly gains.
BTC/USD traded at 1,190.6 as of 23:55 GMT on Friday, from 1,198.1 at 08:30 GMT, the pair’s highest level since March 16. BTC/USD began the day at 1,186.5.

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