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Gone Fishing Newsletter: The Inflation Edition

February 21, 2020

We are thrilled to present a recent article from Samantha LaDuc, the Founder of and the CIO at LaDuc Capital LLC. 
Samantha LaDuc is known for timing major inflection points in equities, commodities, bonds/rates, currencies and volatility. As a Macro-to-Micro strategic technical analyst, educator and trader, she makes her insights available to active traders and investors who want to minimize risk while seizing year-making opportunities.  

Spoiler Alert: We have no inflation in commodities.
Healthcare, Education, Concert Tickets … absolutely.

But what about the stuff we consume and use every day?
CRB Commodities is made up of the following weighting:
Softs (Coffee, Sugar, Orange Juice) 23.5%
Energy 17.6%
Grains 17.6%
Precious Metals 17.6%
Industrials (Copper & Cotton)

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