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Bitcoin Tests $9,000 Resistance As Crypto Market Turns Green

3 days ago

Bitcoin has reached a new 2020 high as prices tested $9,000 resistance this morning. The increase has helped push the rest of the cryptocurrency market up, with Bitcoin Cash and EOS leading the top 10 coins. Ethereum Classic, with more than 30% gains, however, has seen the biggest gains, but only a handful of the 50 biggest coins have failed to make gains on the dollar in the past 24 hours.
Bitcoin prices have reached $9,000 for the first time since November 11th 2019, more than two months ago. Trading volume has remained high over the past few days, while tensions between Iran and the US have continued to increase as Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khameini, described the recent missile strikes against the US as being a “slap in the face” for Trump.
Khameini was giving his first sermon

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Bitcoin Reaches New 2020 Highs As Bulls Push for $8,600

6 days ago

Bitcoin has reached new 2020 highs, breaking resistance at $8,500. Trading volume has increased, along with volatility, leading many traders to predict further gains with traders hoping for a daily close above $8,500. The next level of resistance is at $8,800.
The rest of the crypto market has seen gains, with Bitcoin forks like Bitcoin SV leading the way. Bitcoin SV has overtaken Litecoin, once again, in market capitalization, while Dash has also continued its recent run posting 25% gains in the last 24 hours.
With the Bitcoin halving just a couple of months away, many traders have been waiting for a prolonged run from cryptocurrency. Previous halvings, which occur every four years, have led to sustained price increases in the lead up to the event. The event is built into the blockchain

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Bitcoin Stable After Posting Highest Weekly Gains Since October

7 days ago

Bitcoin is trading in a channel between $8,000 and $8,200 as it enters an accumulation phase, after posting its biggest weekly gains since October. The increase means that the cryptocurrency has broken out of the descending channel, lending credence to the belief that the world’s largest digital currency could be ready to move to new highs. The move would coincide with Bitcoin’s halving, which is set to occur in May this year. The halving event happens every four years and, historically, the coin has posted very strong gains in these years. Analysts have said that any price increase typically occurs in the lead up to the halving, rather than during the event itself, which could highlight potential short-term gains.
In the coming days, bulls will be hoping for a break above the $8,200

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Crypto Market Turns Green with Bitcoin SV Taking the Spotlight

9 days ago

Bitcoin has made a decisive move, retaking the $8,000 resistance mark. Prices have continued to push to $8,200, as the world’s largest cryptocurrency continues to try and retake the $8,450 level that it experienced on January 8th. BTC did fall below $8,000 on January 9th but has seen sustained increases over the course of the day, today, and looks set to push further. Optimistic traders have suggested that a parabolic price movement could now be on the cards.
The rest of the crypto market also returned profits against the dollar, with the controversial Bitcoin SV fork taking the plaudits thanks to a nearly 50% price gain on the day. Bitcoin SV has now overtaken Litecoin in market capitalization, although this could change as prices continue to fluctuate.
Bitcoin SV is a fork of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Breaks $8,000 Barrier and Now Trading at $8,150

12 days ago

Bitcoin looks set to post its fifth set day day of profits. Having started the day $7,750, the cryptocurrency started to make consistent gains at around 15:00 GMT. In the proceeding five hours, it had broken through the $8,000 barrier and continued to make its way through resistance at $8,100. Some further resistance lays ahead at $8,200 but sustained volume could lead to further upside.
The world’s largest cryptocurrency started the new year at $7,175, and it had posted modest gains, by the turbulent asset’s standards. Bitcoin sceptic Peter Schiff pointed to the fact that Bitcoin had only made the same 4% gains for the year as gold, in a Tweet posted yesterday. Within hours of his message, Bitcoin prices started to rise. BTC is now up more than 12% year to date.

For those Bitcoin bugs

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Bitcoin Continues Surge to $8,000 While Ripple Also Shines

13 days ago

Bitcoin has extended its gains made earlier today, adding more than $400 to its price. Having broken resistance at $7,600 at the third time of asking, the world’s largest cryptocurrency is now testing $8,000. Bitcoin is far from alone, with green showing across the cryptocurrency board. Ripple has seen some of the greatest gains, now having risen more than 13% against the dollar.
Bitcoin has enjoyed a strong couple of days. Having dipped below $7,000 on January 3rd, Bitcoin had risen to $7,500 in earlier trading on Monday. In the past 4 hours, Bitcoin prices have risen more than $300, or 4%, and the digital currency is now trading at $7,950; the first time it has traded at this level since November 21st. The most recent increase has coincided with heightened tensions between the USA

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Bitcoin Retakes $7,500 As Cryptocurrency Market Sees Green

14 days ago

Bitcoin prices have risen to test resistance at $7,600 for the first time in two weeks. The cryptocurrency has previously tested this level on December 23rd and December 9th. On both these occasions, it failed to breach the level, but investors will be hoping that the digital currency will perform better this time. Today’s rise comes after BTC fell below $7,000 on January 3rd. The move has seen altcoins increase their prices, with all of the top 10 making positive moves. It is Ripple that has enjoyed the greatest daily gains, increasing more than 10% against the dollar, after crypto exchange Binance announced Ripple futures trading.
Bitcoin finished December trading at $7,200. In the first few days of the new year, it saw a 3% slide with prices dipping to $6,950 on January 3rd. However,

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Bitcoin Regains Losses After Bouncing Hard Off $6,550 Resistance

December 18, 2019

Having endured a poor couple of days, Bitcoin looked certain to be following a similar trajectory today, falling to $6,545 at lunchtime. However, no sooner did it fall this low, than Bitcoin prices started to recover. Within an hour it had recovered to $6,700 and passed $7,000 at 20:00 GMT. Bitcoin is now trading at $7,135 at 21:00 GMT. Other cryptocurrencies have followed the recovery. Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash have posted similar-sized gains, while EOS is the best performing of the major coins.
There had been plenty of negative sentiment around cryptocurrency in the past few days. Continued sumps had been blamed on low trading volume, while some pointed the finger of blame at a Ponzi scheme called PlusToken. The Chinese scheme offered investors the opportunity of 600% gains,

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Bitcoin Endures Another Bad Day and Sends Crypto Market into Free Fall

December 17, 2019

Bitcoin has endured another bad day, dropping to $6,600 and sending the rest of the cryptocurrency market into free fall. At one stage, Bitcoin prices had shed more than 5% of its price, but other cryptocurrencies experienced even bigger losses.
Ripple has lost more than 12% with Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV not far behind with 10% losses of their own. ChainLink, which has performed well in recent months, even when Bitcoin has pushed the rest of the market down, has lost more than 13%. Of the top 50 coins, the only one to post reasonable gains has been Waves, which has seen its price rise by 16%.
Traders are struggling to see solid reasons for the significant drops, but have pointed to lower trading volume over the past few weeks as a possible catalyst.
Just over three weeks ago, Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Plummets to $6,850, Losing 4% in an Hour

December 16, 2019

Bitcoin prices plummeted around 5% earlier this evening, falling from a price of $7,117 to $6,850 in less than an hour. The drop comes a year after Bitcoin was at $3,100, and many still expect the price to rise, especially as the holiday season approaches. However, there will be some fear that further downward price action could pull Bitcoin down to $6,500 and further, with $5,500 offering some support at lower levels.
It is a year to the day since Bitcoin bottomed out at $3,100. The drop led much of the mass media to predict the end of Bitcoin, with those that were staunchly opposed to the cryptocurrency soundings its death knell. Even following today’s price drop, it has recovered to post more than 100% gains in the year since. However, such is the nature of cryptocurrency volatility,

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Bitcoin Fails at $7,650 While Matic Loses 70% in an Hour

December 10, 2019

Bitcoin price rises were halted last night, as the cryptocurrency failed to break resistance at $7,650. Prices bounced off the resistance level, falling as low as $7,273. Although the digital currency stabilized, it has seen more decline in the past hour and is now trading at less than $7,250. However, analysts are still hopeful of a sustained move upwards in the coming days. Bitcoin’s dip has led to a similar fall for most cryptocurrencies, with most coins losing around 2% to 3% on the day. Exceptions include Chainlink, which is up more than 7% on the day, and Matic, which plummeted more than 70% in less than an hour.
BTC prices had been steadily trading between $7,450 and $7,600 over the weekend and into Monday, but the cryptocurrency made a major push at $7,650 late last night. No

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Bitcoin Hovering at $7,500 but Analysts Point to a Potential Surge

December 8, 2019

Bitcoin has been trading between $7,450 and $7,550 for most of the day. A number of analysts and commentators have said that signals are pointing to the cryptocurrency forming a bottom, and have warned that there is a price increase coming and that it could prove to be a big one. Not all analysts agree, of course, with some pointing to a retest of $4,400 as the likely next move.
Meanwhile, most other major coins have held steady on the day, with Tezos being the largest coin to have made significant gains. Ethereum’s Istanbul hard fork has not helped the second-largest cryptocurrency, having posted a moderate loss against the dollar in the past 24 hours.
According to market intelligence firm Glassnode’s Twitter account, Bitcoin’s bottom could already be with us. They pointed to the ratio

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Bitcoin Attempts $7,500, Possibly Driven by SEC Approval of BTC Fund

December 7, 2019

The Bitcoin price has made another push at $7,500, having broken through earlier in the day but fallen back below the key level. News that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the issuance of a Bitcoin backed fund could fuel further price rises.
Having started the day just above $7,400, prices were trading between $7,480 and $7,390 most of the day. However, at roughly 18:00 GMT, prices spiked, rising $80 in 6 minutes. A 1% price rise isn’t extraordinary by Bitcoin standards, even in this short a space of time, but it coincided with news that the SEC had approved the launch of the NYDIG Bitcoin Strategy Fund. The fund does not detail a minimum investment and has listed a maximum offering price of $10 per share.
The news means that institutional investors,

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Bitcoin Price Briefly Rockets to $7,750 After Slip to $7,000

December 4, 2019

Having earlier slipped to a weekly low of $7,067, Bitcoin prices briefly rocketed to $7,750, potentially having triggered buy orders at the low price. As prices slipped, some keen analysts pointed to a potential bear trap that would test $7,870. They pointed to diminishing selling volumes and bear exhaustion. Within hours of the prediction, prices rose nearly 10% in less than an hour to reach a daily high of $7,750. All major cryptocurrencies have seen a rise against the dollar in the past 24 hours. Tron, which is never far from cryptocurrency headlines, is the largest coin to buck the trend and post losses on the day.
Despite having enjoyed a positive October, Bitcoin saw its prices slump in November, opening the month at $9,140 and closing it out at $7,540, a drop of 17.5% for the month.

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Bitcoin Price Surges to $7,600 but Will It Hold?

November 27, 2019

Following a brief slum below $7,000, Bitcoin prices surged nearly $800 in a few hours to surpass the $7,600 mark. The digital currency is currently trading at $7,575 and investors will be hoping that it can hold above $7,500 and start a short-term bull run.
Bitcoin has had a torrid month, so far, having started November 1st at a price of $9,200. Since then, it has fallen to and dropped below the $7,000 mark on several occasions. At its current price, it has lost nearly 20% in a month. At the end of June, Bitcoin was trading at over $13,000, so things look even bleaker. However, it is worth remembering that the world’s biggest cryptocurrency started the year at under $4,000 and has doubled in price since that time. Volatility in Bitcoin price is normal, which is what has helped make it such

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Bitcoin Slumps to $6,500 but Recovers Quickly

November 25, 2019

Bitcoin prices slumped overnight, falling as low as $6,500. However, hours later, the cryptocurrency had recovered its losses and is now trading at $7,250. Most major cryptocurrencies faced a similar fate, with significant losses overnight, followed by a recovery in morning trading. Before the bounce, Bitcoin was trading at half of its June peak price, although it is still more than double its early January price.
Some analysts have warned that worse may still be to come as there is a potential death cross on the horizon. A death cross forms when the 50-day moving average falls below the 200-day moving average. This has only happed a handful of times in Bitcoin’s history but has led to significant losses in those instances. Some have warned of a $2,500 Bitcoin if buyers fail to retake

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Bitcoin Crashes Under $7,000 in Early Trading

November 22, 2019

Having fallen under £7,000 support for several hours in earlier trading, Bitcoin prices have recovered a little, but are still trading at $7,300, a 3.63% drop in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin is now at its lowest price since the beginning of May.
All other major coins have seen significant losses against the dollar, with Bitcoin Cash and Binance Coin posting the biggest losses of the top 10 coins, falling 6.56% and 7.11% respectively. Basic Attention Token is the biggest coin to have posted any 24 hour USD gains.
Bitcoin has been shedding value from its prices for the past few days. Having seen prices above $9,000 at the beginning of November, digital gold has seen sustained price drops, having lost nearly 20% in three weeks. Things looked a lot worse for Bitcoin holders this morning,

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Bitcoin Prices Lose 5% with Slide to $7,500

November 21, 2019

Bitcoin has continued its dismal month, losing more than 5% of its price and reaching as low as $7,500 at one stage today. Prices have steadied at $7,600, but the fall dragged virtually the whole cryptocurrency market down with it.
The likes of Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS and Bitcoin SV are some of the other major coins to have seen drops of more than 5% against USD.
At this time last month, Bitcoin was at a similar level but saw three days of significant gains push prices back up to $10,000 and it settled at $9,000 until the start of November. However, prices started to decline on November 7th, and in the two weeks since that date, the cryptocurrency has lost $1,800, equivalent to around 20% of its price. Traders will be hoping for a positive end to the month to match that

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Bitcoin Price Continues Descent, Briefly Slips to $8,000

November 19, 2019

Bitcoin has continued its decline, today, briefly trading as low as $8,000 on major exchange Binance. Having bounced off support at this level, prices have increased to $8,200. Bitcoin’s woes, or lack of any positive news, are having an effect on trading and BTC is dragging the rest of the cryptocurrency market down with it. Bitcoin SV has seen the biggest USD losses from the list of the biggest coins. NEO is the largest altcoin to have seen gains for the day.
At the beginning of this month, Bitcoin traders were enjoying $9,000 prices and hoping for further improvements. However, the digital currency fell to $8,400 yesterday, with warnings of further slides. $8,000 was highlighted as offering support if the digital gold fell through the $8,300 level. Earlier today, BTC prices did indeed

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Bitcoin – Prices Down, ATMs Up, Chinese Sentiment Cold

November 18, 2019

Bitcoin prices have continued to fall further, briefly reaching a low of $8,350 over the weekend. Prices have settled at around $8,500 for the time being, but analysts are warning of further reductions ahead. Bitcoin’s slide has dragged most of the cryptocurrency market down with it. Most coins and tokens have seen losses against the dollar over the past 24 hours.
At the end of October, traders had high hopes of reaching and sustaining the $10,000 mark once again. Many commentators attributed price increases to a softening of opinion by the Chinese government. President Xi Jinping, who had previously taken the step of banning the use of cryptocurrency exchanges, had seemingly warmed to Bitcoin by stating that citizens should make the most of the opportunity that blockchain had presented

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Bitcoin Prices Continue Sideways at $8,800

November 13, 2019

Bitcoin has been trading rangebound between $8,700 and $8,800 for the past 48 hours, with prices pinching tighter. Having failed to break and retain the $8,800 mark, some analysts expect the price to drop down to the $8,500 support level. If it breaks this support level, there is stronger support at $8,000. If BTC breaks $8,800 resistance, it will have to overcome further resistance at $9,000.
Most major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, have been rangebound over the past 24 hours. However, smaller alt coins have seized the opportunity to stage a slight revival. Monero, ChainLink, NEO, and Basic Attention Token prices have risen by around 5% over the past day. VeChain and Decred have seen roughly 5% drops.
Tron has continued its recent gains after

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Bitcoin Falls $500 to $8,600 and Could Fall Further Before Upside

November 12, 2019

Bitcoin has shed $500 from its price in the past 24 hours, reaching a daily low of $8,600. Although some analysts have pointed to a bullish golden cross forming, more cautious analysts are awaiting a fall to $8,500 before any significant upside is realized. Bearish sentiment has dragged the rest of the major cryptocurrencies in a similar direction with Stellar being the largest coin to make gains. V Systems is the only coin in the top 100 to have made double-digit gains against the dollar.
Having posted back-to-back weekly losses, investors had hoped for some positive movement from Bitcoin, but the world’s largest cryptocurrency has fallen a further 5% on the day, reaching a 24 hour low of $8,618.68 and currently trading just above $8,700. Analysts have pointed to Bitcoin’s rejection

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Bitcoin Stabilizes Above $9,000 As Litecoin Surges

November 4, 2019

Bitcoin posted its first monthly gains since June, closing out October at $9,150. Since October 1st, BTC has consolidated prices and now rests at $9,300. Although the world’s largest cryptocurrency has settled and is trading sideways, for the time being, one major coin to post recent gains is Litecoin. LTC has risen from $57.65 yesterday to trade at $61.30 today. The $3.65 increase represents a 6% gain in 24 hours.
University of Texas Professor John Griffin and Ohio State University Professor Amin Shams have claimed that Bitcoin’s bull run of 2017 was likely driven by a single major holder. They claim that a single whale on the Bitfinex exchange can manipulate prices when they reach a certain threshold. Bitfinex owners, who also own Tether, have hit back stating that the study is flawed

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Bitcoin Briefly Slips to $9,000 but Set for First Profitable Month Since June

October 30, 2019

Bitcoin prices briefly dipped to $9,000 today, having slipped from $10,000 earlier this week. Despite the slip, BTC is looking to post its first profitable month since June, having started the month at $8,300. Most coins have seen daily losses against the dollar, with the notable exception being Bitcoin Cash, which has continued to make steady, albeit only slight, gains.
Bitcoin was trading at $10,500 at the end of June, before falling to $10,000 at the end of July. The cryptocurrency’s slide continued, first down to $9,500 at the end of August and then $8,300 at the end of September. Earlier this month, the asset saw its price reach a low of $7,300, and some analysts feared the worst. However, during this week’s trading, prices rose to above $10,000 before settling at around $9,500.

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Bitcoin Posts Another $1,500 Rise Before Some Profit Taking

October 26, 2019

Having already posted $1,000 gains earlier on Friday, Bitcoin prices rose a further $1,500 in 2 hours in the early hours of Saturday morning, reaching a high of $10,370. Some profit-taking at the $10,000 mark has seen the price slip down to the $9,800 mark but the cryptocurrency has still seen gains of over 30% in the past 24 hours.
Other major cryptocurrencies have tried to keep pace against the dollar value, with the likes of Ethereum posting 20% gains and Bitcoin Cash managing nearly 30% itself, but it is Bitcoin that stands out. The gains do mean that other currencies have seen significant losses against Bitcoin value, but many investors will welcome the volatile price movements back to the market, having experienced flat trading over recent weeks.
Bitcoin’s earlier gains had defied

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Bitcoin Rises More than $1,000 to Retake $8,500

October 25, 2019

Bitcoin prices have retraced all of its losses from the past couple of days, gaining more than $1,000 in just a few hours. It is currently sitting above $8,500, having peaked at $8,799. Most other major cryptocurrencies have followed suit with significant dollar price gains. As is often the case, however, the rest of the market has lost significant ground on Bitcoin as a result of the sharp price move.
The increase comes as China looks set to embrace cryptocurrency, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is dead set against becoming a part of Facebook’s Libra, and the US Congress continues to push against the beleaguered Facebook-backed coin.
Bitcoin had suffered a torrid couple of days, dropping rapidly from $8,400 down to $7,300. However, in the matter of a few hours today, it has retraced all

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Cryptocurrency Market Sees Red As Bitcoin Drops $600 in 1 Hour

October 23, 2019

Bitcoin price volatility has returned with a vengeance as it shed $600, or 7.5%, in less than an hour. The rest of the cryptocurrency market has followed suit, with all of the top 20 coins losing dollar value. In fact, investors have to look at Basic Attention Token (BAT), once again, to find profits. BAT’s price gains are a continuation of the profit seen after major exchange Binance introduced margin trading for the cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin has seen a lot of sideways trading in recent days, having bounced between $8,000 and $8,200. Crypto investors, who are used to seeing double-digit daily gains and losses had turned their attention to smaller, altcoins. However, some analysts had warned that a narrowing trading band and reduced volume suggested a big move could be on the horizon.

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Mixed Results for Cryptocurrency Market As Bitcoin Remains Stable at $8,100

October 22, 2019

Bitcoin prices have continued trading sideways, peaking at $8,200 and dipping down to $8,000, but currently settling at around $8,100. Analysts have pointed to low trading volumes and a narrow trading band, and some have suggested that this could lead to substantial price movement in the coming days. Meanwhile, some altcoins have taken the opportunity to make steady gains on BTC, with Basic Attention Token (BAT) one of the leaders. From the big cryptocurrencies, Ripple has continued to make slight gains in dollar and BTC value.
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it was introducing margin trading on Basic Attention Token (BAT) earlier today. At the time, the BAT token was trading at around 2700 satoshis (0.000027 BTC) and the market has reacted favorably to the announcement.

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Bitcoin Struggling to Hold $8,000

October 20, 2019

The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has continued to break away from the $8,000 mark, occasionally dipping down and trading in the $7,900 range. Other major coins have followed a similar path, with Ethereum changing hands between $170 and $190. Bitcoin Cash has traded between $210 and $230, while Litecoin has seen a little more action between $53 and $60. Ripple is the only major coin to have seen steady growth, having started the month with a price of $0.247 and now trading at $0.29.
The G20 meeting of the world’s finance leaders stated that stablecoins like Libra pose a genuine threat to global currencies. The group cited risks of “money laundering, illicit finance, and consumer and investor protection.” The group went on to say that these concerns “need to be evaluated

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Bitcoin Posts 5% Daily Gains, Breaks the $8,500 Barrier

October 9, 2019

Bitcoin prices rose nearly $500 in less than two hours, equating to 5% gains on the day. Most major coins followed suit, although smaller alt coins retraced some of the gains they have made in recent days. The gains mean that BTC prices are now above the $8,500 mark, seen by many analysts as moderate resistance, but it remains to be seen if the cryptocurrency can hold its nerve above this mark.
Many investors had feared the worst last week, with analysts pointing to a $7,200 support level, but despite dipping below $8,000, the digital currency recovered on Monday, posting 6% gains. So far today, it looks to have followed a similar pattern. Some investors, however, had taken heart at the fact that recent price decline had seen Bitcoin dominance of the crypto market decline. This is said

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