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Bitcoin Prices Continue Sideways at $8,800

1 day ago

Bitcoin has been trading rangebound between $8,700 and $8,800 for the past 48 hours, with prices pinching tighter. Having failed to break and retain the $8,800 mark, some analysts expect the price to drop down to the $8,500 support level. If it breaks this support level, there is stronger support at $8,000. If BTC breaks $8,800 resistance, it will have to overcome further resistance at $9,000.
Most major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, have been rangebound over the past 24 hours. However, smaller alt coins have seized the opportunity to stage a slight revival. Monero, ChainLink, NEO, and Basic Attention Token prices have risen by around 5% over the past day. VeChain and Decred have seen roughly 5% drops.
Tron has continued its recent gains after

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Bitcoin Falls $500 to $8,600 and Could Fall Further Before Upside

3 days ago

Bitcoin has shed $500 from its price in the past 24 hours, reaching a daily low of $8,600. Although some analysts have pointed to a bullish golden cross forming, more cautious analysts are awaiting a fall to $8,500 before any significant upside is realized. Bearish sentiment has dragged the rest of the major cryptocurrencies in a similar direction with Stellar being the largest coin to make gains. V Systems is the only coin in the top 100 to have made double-digit gains against the dollar.
Having posted back-to-back weekly losses, investors had hoped for some positive movement from Bitcoin, but the world’s largest cryptocurrency has fallen a further 5% on the day, reaching a 24 hour low of $8,618.68 and currently trading just above $8,700. Analysts have pointed to Bitcoin’s rejection

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Bitcoin Stabilizes Above $9,000 As Litecoin Surges

11 days ago

Bitcoin posted its first monthly gains since June, closing out October at $9,150. Since October 1st, BTC has consolidated prices and now rests at $9,300. Although the world’s largest cryptocurrency has settled and is trading sideways, for the time being, one major coin to post recent gains is Litecoin. LTC has risen from $57.65 yesterday to trade at $61.30 today. The $3.65 increase represents a 6% gain in 24 hours.
University of Texas Professor John Griffin and Ohio State University Professor Amin Shams have claimed that Bitcoin’s bull run of 2017 was likely driven by a single major holder. They claim that a single whale on the Bitfinex exchange can manipulate prices when they reach a certain threshold. Bitfinex owners, who also own Tether, have hit back stating that the study is flawed

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Bitcoin Briefly Slips to $9,000 but Set for First Profitable Month Since June

15 days ago

Bitcoin prices briefly dipped to $9,000 today, having slipped from $10,000 earlier this week. Despite the slip, BTC is looking to post its first profitable month since June, having started the month at $8,300. Most coins have seen daily losses against the dollar, with the notable exception being Bitcoin Cash, which has continued to make steady, albeit only slight, gains.
Bitcoin was trading at $10,500 at the end of June, before falling to $10,000 at the end of July. The cryptocurrency’s slide continued, first down to $9,500 at the end of August and then $8,300 at the end of September. Earlier this month, the asset saw its price reach a low of $7,300, and some analysts feared the worst. However, during this week’s trading, prices rose to above $10,000 before settling at around $9,500.

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Bitcoin Posts Another $1,500 Rise Before Some Profit Taking

20 days ago

Having already posted $1,000 gains earlier on Friday, Bitcoin prices rose a further $1,500 in 2 hours in the early hours of Saturday morning, reaching a high of $10,370. Some profit-taking at the $10,000 mark has seen the price slip down to the $9,800 mark but the cryptocurrency has still seen gains of over 30% in the past 24 hours.
Other major cryptocurrencies have tried to keep pace against the dollar value, with the likes of Ethereum posting 20% gains and Bitcoin Cash managing nearly 30% itself, but it is Bitcoin that stands out. The gains do mean that other currencies have seen significant losses against Bitcoin value, but many investors will welcome the volatile price movements back to the market, having experienced flat trading over recent weeks.
Bitcoin’s earlier gains had defied

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Bitcoin Rises More than $1,000 to Retake $8,500

21 days ago

Bitcoin prices have retraced all of its losses from the past couple of days, gaining more than $1,000 in just a few hours. It is currently sitting above $8,500, having peaked at $8,799. Most other major cryptocurrencies have followed suit with significant dollar price gains. As is often the case, however, the rest of the market has lost significant ground on Bitcoin as a result of the sharp price move.
The increase comes as China looks set to embrace cryptocurrency, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is dead set against becoming a part of Facebook’s Libra, and the US Congress continues to push against the beleaguered Facebook-backed coin.
Bitcoin had suffered a torrid couple of days, dropping rapidly from $8,400 down to $7,300. However, in the matter of a few hours today, it has retraced all

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Cryptocurrency Market Sees Red As Bitcoin Drops $600 in 1 Hour

23 days ago

Bitcoin price volatility has returned with a vengeance as it shed $600, or 7.5%, in less than an hour. The rest of the cryptocurrency market has followed suit, with all of the top 20 coins losing dollar value. In fact, investors have to look at Basic Attention Token (BAT), once again, to find profits. BAT’s price gains are a continuation of the profit seen after major exchange Binance introduced margin trading for the cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin has seen a lot of sideways trading in recent days, having bounced between $8,000 and $8,200. Crypto investors, who are used to seeing double-digit daily gains and losses had turned their attention to smaller, altcoins. However, some analysts had warned that a narrowing trading band and reduced volume suggested a big move could be on the horizon.

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Mixed Results for Cryptocurrency Market As Bitcoin Remains Stable at $8,100

23 days ago

Bitcoin prices have continued trading sideways, peaking at $8,200 and dipping down to $8,000, but currently settling at around $8,100. Analysts have pointed to low trading volumes and a narrow trading band, and some have suggested that this could lead to substantial price movement in the coming days. Meanwhile, some altcoins have taken the opportunity to make steady gains on BTC, with Basic Attention Token (BAT) one of the leaders. From the big cryptocurrencies, Ripple has continued to make slight gains in dollar and BTC value.
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it was introducing margin trading on Basic Attention Token (BAT) earlier today. At the time, the BAT token was trading at around 2700 satoshis (0.000027 BTC) and the market has reacted favorably to the announcement.

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Bitcoin Struggling to Hold $8,000

26 days ago

The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has continued to break away from the $8,000 mark, occasionally dipping down and trading in the $7,900 range. Other major coins have followed a similar path, with Ethereum changing hands between $170 and $190. Bitcoin Cash has traded between $210 and $230, while Litecoin has seen a little more action between $53 and $60. Ripple is the only major coin to have seen steady growth, having started the month with a price of $0.247 and now trading at $0.29.
The G20 meeting of the world’s finance leaders stated that stablecoins like Libra pose a genuine threat to global currencies. The group cited risks of “money laundering, illicit finance, and consumer and investor protection.” The group went on to say that these concerns “need to be evaluated

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Bitcoin Posts 5% Daily Gains, Breaks the $8,500 Barrier

October 9, 2019

Bitcoin prices rose nearly $500 in less than two hours, equating to 5% gains on the day. Most major coins followed suit, although smaller alt coins retraced some of the gains they have made in recent days. The gains mean that BTC prices are now above the $8,500 mark, seen by many analysts as moderate resistance, but it remains to be seen if the cryptocurrency can hold its nerve above this mark.
Many investors had feared the worst last week, with analysts pointing to a $7,200 support level, but despite dipping below $8,000, the digital currency recovered on Monday, posting 6% gains. So far today, it looks to have followed a similar pattern. Some investors, however, had taken heart at the fact that recent price decline had seen Bitcoin dominance of the crypto market decline. This is said

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Bitcoin Prices Still Laboring at Around $10,400

August 18, 2019

Having dipped below $10,000 twice in the past 7 days, Bitcoin continues to languish at around the $10,400 mark. The cryptocurrency fell below $10,500 on August 14th, and despite attempts to retake this position, it has so far failed to do so. However, the asset is posting higher lows while retesting the $10,500 position, so there is some hope of an upward break.
Bitcoin peaked at $12,300 on August 6th and the market prepared for further increases. While it seems likely that a further move north is likely, its march has arrested over the past few days. Prices started to dip on August 10th, falling from $11,800 to $11,300. It continued its slide from $11,300 to $9,700 over a 24 hour period last week.
A technology journalist for the BBC, Monty Munford, has shared the painful story of how he

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Bitcoin Continues to Trade Horizontally at $11,400

August 12, 2019

Bitcoin traders are enjoying a momentary lull in the asset’s price volatility as it continues to trade at around the $11,400 mark.
Having briefly dipped below $10,000 several times in July, Bitcoin prices rose at the beginning of August. On August 1st, the world’s largest cryptocurrency was trading at around $10,000. Having peaked at $12,200 on August 6th, it dropped back below $11,400 on August 7th. Having tested $12,000 several times, Bitcoin dropped to $11,400 on August 10th and has been trading at around this mark for the past 3 days.
The prolonged period of sideways movement has given some alt coins the opportunity to regain some of their earlier losses. However, Binance Coin remains the only one of the top 10 coins to have registered gains in the past 7 days.
Chinese bank officials

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Bitcoin Passes $12,000 but Quickly Retreats $1,000

August 7, 2019

Bitcoin prices passed the $12,000 mark today for the first time in nearly a month, but soon after making the breakthrough, BTC prices fell by $400. Prices fell another $400 several hours later. The cryptocurrency had previously closed in the green for 7 consecutive days, having started August with a price of $10,000.
As Bitcoin has enjoyed a positive few days, alt coins have seen inverse action, with many posting successive daily losses. Bitcoin’s dominance rate is reported to be at the highest it has been in more than 2 years, with some predicting that it will continue to rise until it reaches 80%, indicating further losses for alt coins.
Elsewhere in cryptocurrency, MoneyGram announced that it had started using Ripple’s xRapid cross border payment system. MoneyGram is the world’s second

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Bitcoin Price Rises $1,000 in 30 Minutes amid High Volatility Levels

July 18, 2019

Bitcoin prices rose more than $1,000 in 30 minutes today, taking the price firmly back above $10,000. The rise came after the digital currency had repeatedly tried, but failed, to take the $10,000 mark: seen as a psychological price barrier.
Bitcoin has seen highly volatile prices recently, and today has certainly been no exception. It has seen a high price of $10,650 and a low of $9,375. The digital gold has also seen its dominance rise, and now represents 65.8% of the total cryptocurrency market.
The CEO of Calibra and Libra, David Marcus, has been in front of Congress this week, answering questions on the Facebook backed cryptocurrency. The exchange has been heated at times. Marcus acceded that the group would not launch the cryptocurrency before all questions and regulator concerns had

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Bitcoin Prices Drop Below $10,000 Before Bouncing Back Above $11,000

July 16, 2019

Bitcoin is known for its price volatility, but even by its own standards, it has seen some major price action over the past 24 hours. Prices briefly dipped below the $10,000 mark, before rapidly rebounding and reaching as high as $11,000. The digital currency is currently trading at around $10,900.
Bitcoin was trading at over $13,000 last Wednesday, July 10. Prices started to decline gradually (by cryptocurrency standards) at this point, and while they did enjoy a little recovery following US President Donald Trump’s attack on “unregulated crypto assets”, they continued their price correction. Most analysts believe that the correction is a positive sign, and crypto advocate John McAfee has said that he still stands by his prediction that the digital currency will be worth $1 million

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Bitcoin Price Drops to $10K As Cryptocurrency Market Dips

July 1, 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) prices fell to $10,000 today, taking all of the major cryptocurrencies, and most altcoins, with it. Although Bitcoin’s price has recovered slightly to trade at $10,500, this is still a 6.7% drop over the past 24 hours, and a fall of $2,500 since Bitcoin was trading at $13,100 just 4 days ago. Although Bitcoin has seen the biggest losses of all the major altcoins, a sizable fall has also been witnessed by Litecoin.
Bitcoin has been in excellent form since April, when the digital gold was trading at $4,000. In the 3 months since that date, Bitcoin has seen its price recover to $13,100, before sliding back to its current level of $10,500. Some analysts have warned that the retracement could continue below $10,000 and potentially down to $9,000, before BTC prices are expected

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Bitcoin Recovers to $12,000 Following Price Tumble

June 28, 2019

Bitcoin prices have stabilized today, after falling as low as $10,500 yesterday. The digital currency is currently trading at just over $12,000. Most of the top 20 list of cryptocurrency coins have dropped in the past 24 hours, although a number of lower market capitalization coins have been able to make some gains. It seems, after two sharp flash crashes, that many investors are waiting on the sidelines before they trade.
Bitcoin tipped $14,000 on June 26, but quickly saw its price receding. It shed nearly $2,000 in one 20 minute period on June 26 and a further $1,000 on June 27. By late yesterday, the currency was trading just above $11,000 and made some further gains to trade at $12,000 today. Recent action suggests that it could be ready to continue its march northwards, although

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Crypto Markets Down Following Bitcoin Flash Crash

June 27, 2019

All major cryptocurrencies have taken a tumble in trading today, led by double figure drops for Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. In fact, Chainlink (LINK) is the top coin, currently ranked 21st by market capitalization, to post any gains for the past 24 hour period. The tumble comes following a flash crash that saw Bitcoin shed approximately $2,000 in 2 minutes, with major exchange Coinbase suffering an outage as it struggled to cope with the pressure. Bitcoin itself is down more than 5% in the past 24 hours, although it is expected that the biggest cryptocurrency will recover and surpass its previous yearly highs.
Bitcoin had briefly hit a new yearly high of $14,000 earlier in the day, but some traders were thrown into panic last night, as prices fell to just under $12,000. The flash

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Bitcoin Breaks $13,500 and Looks for Even More Gains

June 26, 2019

Bitcoin prices are going full throttle, as the digital currency broke $13,000 today and peaked at $13,850, less than 24 hours after breaking $12,000. There is very little resistance between Bitcoin’s current price and all time high prices of around $20,000, leading many to speculate that the impressive gains are just a start of what is to come in the near future. Prices have increased 250% since opening the year at $3,850.
It is getting easier to spend Bitcoin. There are more than 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs around the world, where users can withdraw their Bitcoin earnings as cash, anonymously. Payments company Square has also rolled out Bitcoin deposits for its Cash App mobile app. It had previously been possible to purchase or sell Bitcoin and transfer it to another wallet, but this next update

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Bitcoin Breaches $11,500 Resistance to Post More Gains

June 25, 2019

Bitcoin’s unfaltering recovery has continued unabated this week, with prices breaking through historical resistance at $11,500. The digital currency traded as high as $11,700 as it looks certain to post its fifth successive, profitable month. BTC prices have risen 36% since the start of the month, leading many to believe that a new all time high is only round the corner.
There is still a lot of resistance ahead, including at $11,800. Analysts have warned that a failure to hold at current levels, above $11,400, will likely lead to a sharp correction. Support exists at $10,500 if prices do drop, but most analysts are pointing to continued progress. Bitcoin buying pressure is also at highest point in 2 months, so prices could run further.
Some quarters are still waiting for new money to enter

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Bitcoin Breaks $10,000 Price for First Time Since March 2018

June 22, 2019

Bitcoin prices have broken the $10,000 mark, passing the milestone for the first time since March 2018, and continuing the bullish trend it has followed for 5 months. Prices have more than trebled since the beginning of February. Many analysts are pointing to the next major resistance point being $11,500, so the rise could be set to continue for some time yet. However, Bitcoin’s recovery has been overshadowed, at least in the mainstream media, by news of Facebook’s Libra coin launch.
Bitcoin prices are well known for being highly volatile. In December 2017, the digital gold reached its peak price just shy of $20,000. 12 months later, in December 2018, it had undergone a huge reversal in fortune and bottomed out at around $3,200, having lost 82% of its value in one year. While some saw this

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Bitcoin Prices Soar to $9,000 on Facebook and Binance News

June 16, 2019

The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, saw its prices rise to more than $9,300 on Sunday, representing a new 2019 high price. Although prices have stalled a little, currently trading around $9,000, some analysts believe momentum could carry the digital currency as high as $10,000 before the next major pullback.
The price surge comes as the market awaits finalized details of Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency. Also affecting prices is the news that Binance is restricting access to US users, in order to better comply with the country’s regulations. Binance has announced that it is launching a dedicated US platform.
For most of the past week, Bitcoin has been trading in a channel between $7,500 and $8,000, struggling to pass the upper resistance. On Wednesday, June 12, however,

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Bitcoin Prepares for Another Attempt to Retake $8,000

June 11, 2019

Bitcoin prices are preparing for another run at $8,000, having spent the last week trading in a tight band between $7,600 and $7,950. Most major alt coins have followed a similar trajectory over the past seven days, with Litecoin proving to be the exception.
Bitcoin saw a major price recovery in May, rising more than 60%, thanks to its highest monthly trading volume in 14 months. The exchange dealt with trades totalling more than 700,000 BTC in the month. As a result of the gains, BTC prices started the month trading at around $8,600, but prices fell approximately 15% in 2 days to trade at $7,700 on June 4. Since then, prices have peaked at $8,000 and dipped lower than $7,600. On Monday, June 10, prices rose from $7,550 to $8,000 before settling above $7,900, and the cryptocurrency has

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Bitcoin Price Dips to $8,200 but Should Still Post Another Profitable Month

May 31, 2019

Having tipped $9,000 yesterday, Bitcoin prices fell back down below $8,200 earlier today. Prices have recovered a little to $8,400 at the time of writing, however, and the cryptocurrency looks like it will enjoy its most profitable month since August 2017, posting its fourth consecutive month of gains. Bitcoin looks likely to have made more than 50% gains since the beginning of May Some analysts have warned of further correction, but most seem to be pointing at continued gains at the beginning of June.
Bitcoin started May with a price just under $5,300 and, since then, has enjoyed sustained gains. Now trading at nearly $8,400, the cryptocurrency could post 60% gains for the month, which would represent the fourth consecutive month of price increases and the highest monthly gain since

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Bitcoin Price Smashes $8,000 and Looks Towards $9,000

May 28, 2019

Bitcoin bulls took charge over the weekend, smashing through the $8,000 barrier and consolidating prices. The cryptocurrency reached new highs for the year, trading at $8,900 on Sunday, May 26. Market capitalization also rose to $150 billion. Analysis also shows that Bitcoin’s tweet volume is currently nearly double the average rate, which is seen by some as a positive sign, as it means that the digital gold is being talked about. Many experts expect Bitcoin to now push above $9,000, potentially towards $9,600 before any correction.
It wasn’t just Bitcoin prices that saw gains over the weekend, as BTC also took major alt coins with it. EOS has seen further gains today, with prices increasing more than 12%, pushing it beyond Litecoin to become the 5th largest coin by market cap.

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Bitcoin Price Recovers to $8,000 As AT&T Announce BTC Payment Acceptance

May 25, 2019

Bitcoin prices recovered from their dip to $7,500, now trading at nearly $8,100, following the news that the largest telecomms provider in the world, AT&T, will now accept cryptocurrency payments using the BitPay payment processor to immediately convert Bitcoin to dollars. Analysts believe that the likes of Vodafone will follow suit, representing another step in crypto adoption, and enabling users to pay their mobile bills online using cryptocurrency.
Mainstream adoption has long been seen as one of the most difficult obstacles for cryptocurrencies to overcome. It proved similarly difficult for PayPal, the digital payment processor, when they first launched to market, and the added volatility has made it even more difficult for crypto. However, one company that is helping with mass

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Bitcoin Bulls Take Another Run at $8,000

May 21, 2019

Even by its own tumultuous standards, Bitcoin has had a turbulent month. Investors were rejoicing a profitable April, with prices at the start of May being around $5,500. By May 14, the cryptocurrency had increased more than 50% to reach $8,000. It even made a pass at $8,300, but the bulls lost momentum and prices saw their biggest intraday loss in more than a year, tumbling $1,700 on Friday, May 17, trading as low as $6,178.
While this kind of drop would have been enough to see further drops in the past 12 months, such is the positive sentiment surrounding Bitcoin at the moment, that the digital currency has made up the vast majority of those losses. The bulls are knocking at $8,000 resistance with the hope of pushing through and heading further. BTC prices have been wavering around this

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Bitcoin Prices Soar to $8,000, Rising More than 50% in May

May 14, 2019

Bitcoin continues to ride the wave of positive sentiment and good news, as its price wavered above $8,000 most of the day today. It has corrected down closer to $7,800, but further gains look likely in the short term. A number of news stories could have helped push prices up, although some still point to price manipulation as being the primary driver. Further resistance is expected at $8,500, but analysts have said that if BTC can break this resistance, it will likely continue to push on towards $9,500 relatively easily.
Among the complaints levelled at Bitcoin is the fact that it is not in mainstream use, but that could be about to change.
Gemini, which is owned by the Winklevoss twins, is partnering with a payments startup called Flexa. Flexa has persuaded US retailers to use

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Bitcoin Surges past $7,000 and Looks for Further Gains

May 11, 2019

Some traders are claiming alt season is upon us, as Bitcoin prices rose 15% in the space of 24 hours, pushing through resistance at $6,800 and $7,000 to trade at prices not seen since last September. Other top cryptocurrencies saw similarly impressive gains over the period. Facebook, who are heavily involved in developing their own cryptocurrency, has reversed its previous decision banning all cryptocurrency advertising, and most analysts are now looking forward to further gains for the whole market.
When Facebook announced that it would ban cryptocurrency advertising in January 2018. This coincided with one of the worst months for the digital asset, shedding nearly 40% of its value.
At the same time as the Facebook crypto ad, several Asian countries suggested that they would heavily

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Bitcoin Tops $6,000 Despite Binance Hack

May 9, 2019

Bitcoin prices have topped $6,000 for the first time in 2019, reaching an annual high and seemingly becoming oblivious to bad news, as the rise coincided with news that Binance had been hacked and had $40 million of Bitcoin stolen. Other cryptocurrencies have also seen green in the past few days, and some analysts are pointing to the promise of a Facebook cryptocurrency for one of the reasons for the positive move, although most warn that there is considerable resistance ahead as the digital gold attempts to reach $6,500. Some pullback is expected in the coming days.
In the past year or so, Bitcoin prices have responded negatively to any bad press. The volatile investment opportunity has been known to drop 5% or even 10% on rumours of hacks and bots. However, in what could be seen

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