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Platts market on close shows commodity markets functioning despite COVID-19

April 2, 2020

A key question for any market during times of uncertainty and volatility is what is happening to liquidity?
Over recent weeks commodity prices, and particularly oil markets, have seen unprecedented volatility. Although the forward view may become clearer, there is still huge uncertainty around fundamentals in the months ahead. S&P Global Platts has a unique insight into several key commodity markets through its Market on Close (MOC) assessment process.

The MOC is the core process through which Platts assesses several commodity benchmarks. This involves companies submitting firm bids, offers and trades for publication in a transparent environment across a range of commodities including crude, oil products, biofuels, metals, petrochemicals and LNG. The process is voluntary, and the data it

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IMO 2020 and the Forties de-escalator in Dated Brent

September 9, 2019

The International Maritime Organization’s decision to cap the sulfur level of global marine fuels on January 1, 2020 has been the dominant story in the oil markets for the last two years.
Among the many questions raised by the imminent 0.5% cap on sulfur in marine fuels, some crude oil market participants are now asking what the implications could be for the Forties de-escalator, the key sulfur value adjustment mechanism that lies at the heart of the North Sea’s Brent crude complex.

To understand what role the Forties sulfur de-escalator will play in a post-2020 world, it’s important to be clear about why it exists in the first place.
The sulfur de-escalator was introduced in July 2007 to bring more stability for pricing for the North Sea’s Forties crude following the start-up of the

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