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Europe’s new-generation nuclear plants stagger over the start line

January 3, 2019

Years late and massively over-budget, Europe’s first EPR nuclear plants in Finland and France are on the verge of “energizing”, as the sector jargon goes.
Barring last-minute glitches, this will be the final act in what must be the longest-running construction saga in the region.
Finland’s 1993 vote to reject plans for a fifth reactor was one of the first stories I covered as a trainee.
Readers of Power in Europe were already bored witless by all the back-and-forth on the topic when, in 2002, the government changed its mind and the project was waved through.
It was another six years before construction of the new-generation, pressurized water reactor began.
Now, ten years late and two-and-a-half times over budget, TVO’s Olkiluoto-3 EPR is set to spark up in 2019 ahead of full operation in

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Building blockchains in energy markets

June 7, 2017

The idea of using blockchain technology to ease trading in the energy and commodities markets is cropping up more and more.
Famously, blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Blockchains can be public, as with Bitcoin, or private, such as a group of traders.
The individual participant receives an online wallet that can be charged up with a digital currency. The individual can then transact with other members registered to the blockchain.
The blockchain’s network of registered computers continually validate transactions, building blocks of transactions that are then permanently entered in the ledger.
Nobody can change the ledger; it is immutable. It is shared with all members at all times. It is not stored in one central place, reducing the risk of cybercrime. Since

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