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Bob Lefsetz is the author of “The Lefsetz Letter.” Famous for being beholden to no one and speaking the truth, Lefsetz addresses the issues that are at the core of the music business: downloading, copy protection, pricing and the music itself.

Articles by Bob Lefsetz

Adam Sandler On Netflix

5 days ago

First one in or last one out? Who do you want to be? It’s your choice. The rewards are at the front end, but so are the risks. And the last to arrive gets safety, if they get in at all, but bupkes bucks.
Howard Stern went to satellite. Since then, twelve years, not a single national radio personality has emerged. NOT ONE! Whereas Stern is ubiquitous (helped, of course, by his tenure on “America’s Got Talent”) and moves the needle more than any late night television appearance, never mind radio.
You see you can’t get the word out.
So you go on Stern. His audience can make your project a hit.
Which is why Adam Sandler was on today. He’s promoting his latest Netflix film. And it turns out his films are the most watched shows on Netflix EVER!
I thought he was over, that he

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Protest Playlist

August 19, 2017
“We Can’t Make It Here”
James McMurtry
My favorite track of the century, although I do prefer the acoustic take rushed out for the election that is now hard to find, it’s my most played song in my iTunes library with an indelible hook that is undeniable, the words are just an accessory, but it’s the words that the track is remembered for.
Check out this YouTube video of the acoustic take:–mHug
“Fuck Tha Police”
Believe me, they didn’t play this on MTV, it’s a track you read about more than heard, but it it incited imitators and ultimately revolution, known as the L.A. Riots of 1992, in the wake of the Rodney King trial, it’s then we learned that everything said by N.W.A. and Ice-T was true. Yup, you live

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How To Promote If You’ve Had A Hit

August 13, 2017

Mystery is history. Remove yourself from the scene and you’re forgotten. Your number one concern is satiating your fans. You do this by giving them news updates and new music. Music is primarily one-offs on YouTube and Soundcloud. An acoustic cover of a new hit or a classic can work wonders, people already know the song so they don’t tune out and they love to pass these things on, potentially converting newbies. As for news… Unless you’re a superstar, keep it under the radar and don’t overdo it. Put it on your website and socials, BUT ONLY ONCE! Sure, if you’re inclined to, post life updates and opinions on the social networks. But you must do it yourself, if you’re employing someone to do it the audience can tell and it works against you. You

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Dude, I’m Still Alive!

August 6, 2017

How could Sheryl Crow get it so wrong and then so right?
Earlier this year she released an album with old wave publicity in every print medium known to man and it went straight into the dumper, it’s like it never even came out, which inspired Mr. Tuna Ketchup, @TunaCatsup, to tweet:
“Oh man, @SherylCrow must be rolling in her grave right now…”
This was in response to Sheryl’s old duet partner Kid Rock announcing he was running for Senate.
And what did Crow say in response to the man with a grand total of 323 followers?
She tweeted:
“Dude. I’m still alive.”
And then that was retweeted a hundred thousand times.
Funny how she’s getting more attention for a knee-jerk reaction on Twitter than all of that old school publicity advertising her new album. She ain’t old, she’s

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Tesla Model 3

August 2, 2017

Motor Trend Test Drive Tesla Model 3

We believe in people.We love our technology, our devices, but what thrills us most is the individuals who spearhead their development. And although occasionally it’s a pair, like Larry and Sergey, it’s usually just one. The faceless team doesn’t excite us. The same way we wait for the slugger to take the plate at cleanup. We want to see the naked feats of the soaring soul.And it’s not only men, it’s women too. Madonna was the star of the eighties. Because she kept pushing heretofore unseen boundaries. She flipped the script. Calling herself the “Material Girl” when the boomers had been trying to disown that concept. Which drew fans to her. And haters too. We argued about Madonna.We rarely argue about pop stars anymore.They don’t

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How To Promote

July 30, 2017

“A great song can make the worst artist in the world a star.”
Quincy Jones
Which is why no one from the “Voice” has had any success and Bob Dylan is the most respected solo artist of the rock era. Quincy Jones went through eight hundred songs to find what ended up on “Thriller.” Michael Jackson has the fame, but without Q he’s not the King of Pop. Think about this after you record your number and expect it to go straight to the top of the chart. Hell, some of Springsteen’s GIVEAWAYS were smash hits. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try, I’m just saying the bar is very high and woodshedding pays dividends and the song is the most important thing.
And only them. Don’t hire a PR person to send CDs to every outlet. You’re wasting your

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