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If They Can Argue Well, They Can Write Well

Classroom debate is used as the platform for critical thinking and writing in this helpful teacher’s resource


Every student can become a great debater. The key concepts of argumentation, critical thinking, and meeting academic standards align in a single, engaging format in this book. Packed with practical, hands-on activities, this collection teaches students to argue effectively, research information, think critically, and write persuasively. Also included is in-depth discussion on online research and emphasizes the timely skill of evaluating the validity of various internet sources. This revised edition provides specific connections between book content and the Common Core State Standards, as well as a new section on debate skills.

Author: Dr. Bill McBride

Edition: Revised edition

Binding: Paperback

EAN: 9781629500164

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Incentive Publications by World Book

Number of items: 1

Number of pages: 136

Product group: Book

Studio: Incentive Publications by World Book

Publication Date: 2014-09-01

Publisher: Incentive Publications by World Book

Pages: 136

ISBN: 162950016X

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