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The Tramp and the Lady: (The Escapades of a Darn Good Dog) (Literary Pocket Edition)

The Tramp and the Lady is a “first person” humorous story by a young dog that escapes from a home with circumstances he finds unpleasant, and finds a far better loving home and fascinating new companions (including a new “sister,” Lady, the moose dog). In the process of this transition, and the adventures that follow, Tramp finds excitement and reward in all that he learns and experiences. The reader, Tramp hopes, will find humor and interest in learning how human and animal interpretations can so widely differ. His book should find general interest among adults and teenagers. It is not directed to young children. The last chapter of the book is by Tramp’s “dad,” myself, and is an appeal for the reader’s consideration of helping, in some form, with the efforts of the country’s pet rescue groups, who do such good and marvelous work. Author McBride is a long-time pet owner, each pet having been “rescued” from a dire situation in an animal “shelter.” All who have shared Bill’s and his wife Alice’s home have been fine and well-loved animals. But Tramp, who “tells” this story, is far and away the smartest, most handsome, curious character of all!

Author: Tramp McBride (As told to Bill McBride)

Binding: Paperback

EAN: 9781635080070

Condition: New

Manufacturer: America Star Books

Number of items: 1

Number of pages: 142

Product group: Book

Studio: America Star Books

Publication Date: 2015-12-10

Publisher: America Star Books

Pages: 142

ISBN: 163508007X

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