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Engaging the Disengaged Student (Latest-and-Greatest Teaching Tips)

Using the latest brain research and classroom tested strategies, Dr. McBride addresses four relevant
and important topics in a handy format. Research shows that girls and boys learn differently so
prepare for how that impacts the classroom when students turn to the Internet for their research,
give them the skills they need to do it effectively learn strategies and activities to draw in even the
most disconnected students and learn why students forget what they re taught and how teachers
can improve retention. A great set of teaching tools for any teacher.

Author: Dr. Bill McBride

Binding: Pamphlet

EAN: 9780865307209

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Incentive Publications,Inc.

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Number of pages: 10

Product group: Book

Studio: Incentive Publications,Inc.

Publication Date: 2009-10-01

Publisher: Incentive Publications,Inc.

Pages: 10

ISBN: 0865307202

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Bill McBride
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