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The Church According To Starbucks: Radical Hospitality For Growing A Healthy Church

“Church Leadership and Administration:” The Church According To Starbucks”- A Modern Approach To Church Growth, Church Vitality and Church Leadership ” is a thought provoking workbook and guidebook by popular spiritual author Reverend Bill McBride. Church Leaders Ofter Ask… -Why is my Church declining in numbers? -How can we get more people to come and visit? -What can we do to get guests to join? -How do I share all the great things that I experience in my Church? -What kind of impression do visitors get from my Church? In his latest title in the ‘Spiritual Books” series, Reverend McBride discusses the business philosophies of a marketing success story, Starbucks, and how the very same strategies that work for Starbucks, brining people in the front doors and coming back time and time again, can be used to foster Church Growth, Church vitality and healthy Church environment in today’s spiritually challenging and needy world. In this practical and easy to read workbook, Reverend McBride offers Guided Exercises throughout, that assist congregation leaders in assessing the health of their Church, as well as giving insight in how to achieve greater vitality and growth both in numbers and spiritual depth. The book offers a 37 question “Friendliness Assessment” tool that Church leaders can use to take the “vitality temperature” of their Church. This very useful guidebook will help any church member understand where their church is right now and set the stage for increasing their welcoming spirit and pave the way for a future filled with hope and results. Reverend McBride skillfully takes the success model demonstrated at Starbucks and puts a helpful “Spiritual Frame” and slant to a this tested and working marketing example. Reverend McBride will help you answer those nagging questions and guide you toward the kind of health and vitality you pray for and hope for in your Church.

Author: Rev. Bill McBride

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Publication Date: 2014-01-06

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ISBN: 1494788527

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